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How to prepare cardboard boxes, packaging and wrapping guidelines

If you order cardboard packing boxes for moving house here with Packing Solution, they are sent out flat packed. This makes them easy to transport and for you to store until you need them. And putting them together could n t be simpler. All you will need to do is fold in the ends and secure them with a bit of our strong box tape as well, and there you go.


So how do you fold large boxes for moving house?

  • Each end will have four flaps on it, and the four sides in the middle are already joined together.
  • Each flap needs to be folded at a 90 degree angle, one on top of another.
  • You then do one side at a time, folding then securing with tape along the edge.
  • Next, you can put your things in the box at the other open end.
  • And then finally secure the other end as well with tape and folding, so it will prevent anything from falling out of the box.

Packing boxes for moving can then be flat packed again after you have moved, so that you can re use them for other things in future, or flat pack them even if you are going to throw them out because it just leaves more room in the bin for other things. We recommend putting together one box at a time when moving and fill that before putting up another box, so this way you do not waste time putting up too many boxes that you don t actually use.

House removal packing boxes are sold here along with bubble wrap, which you can put around your things to ensure that no damage occurs in the removal process, and you can use this in one of two ways. Firstly, you could just wrap it around your things before putting them into the boxes, or alternatively, you could put it around the edges of the boxes before putting things in them. Cardboard boxes for removals are put together in the same way no matter what shape they come in. The preparation process never changes, which makes things simple for you. If you need further assistance with putting boxes together, please contact us by phone and we can talk it through with you to make things as easy as possible for you.


Cardboard packing boxes- A necessity for removing, storing and packaging things


When it comes to moving home, there are many aspects that can be very tough and very stressful. The mortgage application, along with selling your existing home, plus having to organise the valuation and survey too, can be stressful. If you don’t move very often, which most people don’t, then you won’t know exactly what details need to be organised. When it comes to the packaging materials for the actual move itself, this is also a grey area for most people, who won’t know which types of packaging they are going to need, and how many boxes they are going to need. Are cardboard boxes a necessity when moving home? Can you just move without them?


Cardboard packing boxes enable you to carry numerous items at once. This will save you time and effort when moving house, because you can carry lots of things in one go, and this will speed up the moving process. For this very reason, they are the most popular type of packaging used for house moving, and most removal companies will insist that you per pack your things into boxes before the removal date. It is vital to the house move, in fact, and enables you to move all of your possessions to a new house within one working day, rather than having to split it over several days. The cost per day of moving with a removal firm is so expensive, and can cost up to £1000 per day, so having to split that over several days can be extremely damaging to your bank balance.   cardboard-packing-boxesBoxes enable you to stack your things on top of one another safely in the removal lorry, so that you can fit more into each and every load of the van, and this will in turn save you trips back and forth, and therefore save you even more time and effort when moving house. This again saves you money because the removal company can do a better and quicker job. You can stack many boxes on top of one another, and in fact, most lorries can fit over 10 stacks of boxes on top, so you can fit lots of things into them.


Boxes will help to protect the items that you put into them while moving. You can fill them with delicate items that are wrapped in bubble wrap, or you can put other objects into them too, which will be protected by the outer layer of the box. Strong boxes made of double-walled cardboard are the best for protection, but all cardboard boxes for packing will protect to some extent from knocks, bumps, dirt, and water. After all, you do not want your household possessions to get damaged when you move home and for you to have to replace many of the things that are damaged. Likewise, you wouldn’t want your clothes to get really dirty while you move either.


Cardboard house moving boxes can keep things organised during a house move as well. You can organise your belongings in boxes based on the room of the house they belong in. For example, you could place all of the things from your bedroom into certain boxes, and write on the outside of those boxes to say that they belong in the bedroom of your new home. This will make unpacking much easier, and it will also ensure that nothing goes missing either. Organising is key when it is such a stressful period of your life, and so keeping things in check can be vital to the speed of your move. Just a basic marker pen can be used to write on normal brown cardboard boxes, so this is easy to achieve.

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