Shop now for cardboard boxes Cumbernauld with Packing Solution

House removal packing boxes are available here in a huge selection of sizes. We have our smallest CD sized boxes, which are great for the smallest of parcels that you are shipping, and they are both strong and durable, and they are our lowest priced boxes too. We even offer discounted packs of ten boxes, so you can make big savings with those. We have extra large double walled boxes for sale too, which are extremely large.

If you need larger than those, we offer wardrobe boxes, which are designed for clothing and full suits, but you can use them for other larger things too. They are double walled cartons, which means they are extra heavy duty and strong, so they will stand the test. Cardboard boxes for moving house need to be easy to carry, because ideally you will want one person to carry each box rather than needing two people to carry a box. This will save you time and money, and is important to factor in. Our medium double walled boxes are a great size to carry when full, and also our archive boxes are brilliant because they have handle holes as well as lids, which makes them easy to carry and easy to access the contents too.

House moving boxes at affordable prices

Packing boxes for moving are delivered flat packed, which means you can put them together whenever you choose with ease. They will not take up too much space when flat packed, so you can store them until you need them. This also means that if you have any left over, you can store them under the bed until you find another use for them in future, which is important because we do not like you to throw them away and cause wastage. All of our boxes are recyclable, as are our bubble wrap rolls too.

Double walled cartons for moving can be recycled by taking them to the recycling centre, and they should take care of that for you. You could also ask friends or family members if they have a use for them, or you could offer them to a neighbour who may be moving home in the near future. They are sure to thank you for it, and it ensures minimal wastage. All you need is strong tape to secure them up.