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Packaging for moving can be used when moving your clothing to your new home. You will want to keep it all together neatly, so that you know where to put them when you move in. You will want to remove the clothing from your chest of drawers in order to reduce the weight of it, and so the best option is usually to put clothing into a large cardboard box and then to write on the outside to say they are in there. A single walled large cardboard box should do the job perfectly, and we offer this here at unbeatable prices.

Packaging materials for house move could be used to send your shelving from the bedroom to your new home. You could wrap them up after taking them down with our medium bubble wrap, which would protect them from scratching and other damage, which is important if they are made from wood because this is a common issue to happen when moving home.

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Removals packaging is also useful for shipping items in the post. Maybe you need to send a new laptop to a son or daughter who is at University, and you want to ensure that it is looked after as much as possible because it is extremely delicate, and if the University was a little closer to home you'd have driven it personally yourself. You could use a small roll of bubble wrap, and put it around the item twice for extra layers of protection, and then use a medium double walled box which is strong enough to protect also.

Packaging companies Blackpool are very hard to find, and there are few shops that specialise in packaging. Here at Packing Solution we are packaging experts, with many years of experience within the packaging trade. We are able to help you with anything that you might need to know, so please contact us and we are able to offer free expert advice to you.

Packaging for parcels includes our extra large double walled boxes, which are jumbo sized boxes designed to hold most things in them. They are the largest we are able to offer, and they are the largest that most other manufacturers offer as well. We also have a huge range of other sizes available too, so we believe that we have something for everyone.