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5 Reasons to Use Bubble Wrap When Packing

5 Reasons to Use Bubble Wrap When Packing

Moving house can be a very stressful experience, with many things to organise and worry about. When it comes to packing before the removal day, this is also a tricky experience. The reason that packing and moving can be so challenging is because the average person in the UK only moves house once every seven years; so you are unlikely to be familiar with the process. Working out which types of packaging materials you are going to need is one thing, then deciding on the quantity of boxes and protection you’ll need is another.

If you are working on a tight budget then you might be considering which packaging materials are absolutely necessary and which can be excluded; many people wonder if you really need bubble wrap for protection. Here at Packing Solution we have many years of removal experience, combined with many years of packaging experience too. Here are our top five reasons why you should always use bubble wrap when packing and moving.

  • High quality bubble wrap will protect your most delicate items from damage and breakage during transit. This is the obvious reason, and is the most important reason why people choose to use bubble wrap. Nobody wants their ornaments breaking, or pictures breaking. They are often some of your most important items from your home and some are irreplaceable, so bubble wrap will help to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
  • Bubble wrap will help to save you money of the cost of replacing damaged or broken items. If you were to move house and your clock in the kitchen breaks because it is accidentally broken, this would cost you quite a lot of money to replace or fix. Bubble wrap is extremely low cost and will ensure that nothing bad can happen.
  • Bubble wrap is quick and easy to use and relatively cheap compared with other forms of protective packaging. When you compare it with the cost of tissue paper or packing paper, or the cost of foam or cardboard protective wrap for shipping, bubble wrap is much cheaper. Not only is it much cheaper to buy but it is also far more effective for protection as the small air bubbles will absorb shock from knocks and bumps to ensure that your items are safe from harm.
  • Bubble wrap is 100% recyclable, when purchased from the right packaging company. This means that not only can it be re used for many different purposes, but it is also entirely recyclable so it is environmentally friendly. It is not the same as other types of plastic.
  • Bubble wrap is a fantastic protective material that protects from knocks, bumps but also scratches and water damage too. There is no other type of protective packaging that can protect from all of these things, especially the fact that it is waterproof. There is no other material that will do as good a job as bubble wrap and this is the reason that it should always be included while packing and moving.

It is important to include a variety of different packaging materials when moving, which should include bubble wrap as well as boxes and strong packing tape too. Bubble wrap will provide all of the protection you could need for all objects in your home no matter how heavy or large. If you are protecting an especially large and heavy item, then several layers will be needed to cushion the object if it falls.

If you are certain that you cannot afford to buy and use best bubble wrap for shipping and only wish to use some cheap boxes instead, although we recommend you should avoid this at all costs, then the most important thing to do would be to make sure that you are extremely careful when carrying the boxes. Always write on the outside of the most delicate boxes to say what is inside so that you can be extra careful with them. When it comes to stacking the boxes, only put the less delicate items in the pile and you may need to personally carry the more delicate boxes yourself in the front of the removal lorry. Always use strong packing boxes which are made from premium double walled cardboard, which will ensure that the boxes are strong enough to hold the heaviest weight inside of them without breaking.

Best bubble wrap for moving comes in a variety of different lengths and types. The longer the roll that you buy the cheaper the price per metre becomes. For an entire house move it is recommended that you use a one hundred metre roll of bubble wrap, which will cover almost everything in your home that is delicate. This will enable you to have several layers around each object that is heavy, and you can be sure you won’t run out. If you buy a smaller roll then you may end up paying more overall because the cost per metre will be much higher and if you run out and have to use several smaller rolls this will work out to be far more expensive.

Regular small bubble wrap is the best for moving and is the most practical. You can put it around smaller objects easily because the small bubbles can easily fit around the contours of an object, but you can also protect large and heavy objects by using several layers of protection. Large bubble wrap is only acceptable for large objects and is less practical for smaller objects, which is why we wouldn’t recommend this for moving house as a general rule.

If you order good quality bubble wrap online you can get it quickly with next day delivery, so that you have plenty in time for your packing requirements. By the time the removal day comes you will be nice and prepared so that you can focus on moving your things to your new home and then unpacking again! We wish you the best of luck in your new house.

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