Large Cardboard Boxes for Moving

At Packing Solution, we offer a wide range of large cardboard packing boxes that are held in stock and available for next day delivery throughout the UK. We have a wide-reaching courier network with warehouses to ensure that you receive the boxes you need on time. As a family-owned company with many years of experience in the packaging and removals industries, our large cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly. Its made from recycled paper, produced locally in the UK, and are 100% recyclable as well.

Choosing the right types, sizes, and quantity of cardboard boxes for moving home, storage, or shipping can be very difficult due to the numerous available options. Large cardboard boxes are an extremely popular choice, and for good reason.

Benefits of Large Packing Boxes

Large boxes can fit more items and accessories, which is especially useful when moving house. It can save you trips back and forth and make the packing process much quicker and easier. It also makes unpacking easier at the other end. Large cardboard boxes can accommodate larger objects, making them more versatile for a wider range of items than smaller and medium-sized boxes, which are limited to certain objects. Large boxes can become heavy when full, but they have their benefits. They are more stable in the removal truck and less likely to fall over or shift, reducing the risk of breakage. Large-sized boxes are often preferred by professional removal companies over smaller boxes. They insist on using larger boxes, as it can make their job much quicker and easier.

The Use of Large Cardboard Packing Boxes

Large cardboard storage boxes can be used for many different purposes, including house moving, storage, and shipping. Their versatility allows you to reuse them again and again. Large boxes also represent excellent value for money. Although they may seem more expensive than smaller-sized boxes at first, they offer more space inside the box, which can be very economical when you buy a pack of large packing boxes instead of smaller ones. It's especially useful when you're moving house and need lots of boxes.

Large Double-Walled Cardboard Boxes: Protect Delicate Household Items

Large double-walled cardboard boxes are essential for packing delicate and easily breakable household items when moving. These items require additional protection, and using bubble wrap helps safeguard them. Delicate items typically need more layers of bubble wrap, which necessitates extra space around the item. A larger box can accommodate this protective layer effectively.
Here at Packing Solution, we offer discounted packs of 5, 10, or one 100 large-sized boxes, and the more you buy, the cheaper the price per box, so you can make significant savings. With next day delivery too, directly to your door, this is undoubtedly the best place to get large cardboard boxes.