Small cardboard packing boxes: Pack smart, move with ease

Packing Solution offers a wide selection of high-quality, eco-friendly cardboard boxes for your moving, storage, and shipping needs. Small cardboard packing boxes have practical advantages such as easy handling, efficient stacking, and superior strength, making them a popular choice among customers seeking a seamless and reliable moving experience.

We provide next-day delivery throughout the UK with our wide-reaching courier network of warehouses, ensuring you can get the packaging you need quickly. As a family-owned company with many years of experience, we produce our small packing boxes locally in the UK and make them 100% recyclable.

Why choose small cardboard boxes?

Small-sized boxes are lightweight and manageable, making them ideal for a house move where anyone can assist without struggling with heavy loads. It is easy to carry and stack in a removal truck, optimising space and reducing the number of trips during the move. Small-sized boxes, especially those made from double-wall cardboard, are extra strong and durable, protecting your belongings during transit.

Small-sized boxes will not become too heavy to carry when full. It can only hold a limited number of objects inside it, which limits the weight of the box and ensures that It can be carried easily. This is important when moving house, as it means that almost anyone can help you move and transport boxes. Small-sized cardboard packing boxes are great for filling in the gaps in a removal truck, as you can fit more items into each load of the truck, saving you trips back and forth and making your move faster and easier.

Small cardboard boxes are easy to store until you need to use them. It arrives flat-packed and takes up little room in your house. You can buy your boxes a few weeks in advance of when you need to use them, knowing they won't clutter your space. Small-sized boxes are cheaper to send with a courier or the post office than larger boxes. So, as long as your object fits into them, they are going to be the best-priced option. You can also reuse small boxes as shoe boxes in the future to protect your shoes in your cupboard from dust, dirt, and anything else.

Best small cardboard boxes for moving

Small cardboard boxes for moving are generally much cheaper to buy than larger boxes, so you can save money by purchasing small boxes. Here at Packing Solution, we offer discounts on packs of 5, 10, or 100 boxes, so the more you buy, the more you save. Our delivery charge is the cheapest available, and all of our orders are fully tracked, ensuring that you know exactly when your order will arrive. We also wrap our small cardboard boxes in polythene during delivery, making them waterproof to prevent any damage during transit.