At Packing Solution, we have one of the best selections of house moving boxes. Our boxes are designed and produced specifically for house moving, and they are used and trusted by thousands of professional removal companies around the UK. We supply our boxes to the public directly here online, as well as to removal companies, with our tracked next-day delivery service around the United Kingdom, which ensures you always get house moving boxes exactly when you need them the most. We are a family-run business with many years of experience within the packaging industry, and all of our boxes are made in Great Britain.

Best packing boxes for moving house | Strong and durable

We take great pride in offering a wide selection of Large House Moving Boxes, Medium House Moving Boxes, and Small House Moving Boxes to suit your specific needs. When it comes to house moving, we understand the paramount importance of having the right boxes that meet the primary characteristics for a smooth and successful relocation. Firstly, they need to be strong and durable because they must be able to carry substantial weights inside them. Many of your household possessions will weigh a lot, and when combined, they can amount to significant loads. Our boxes for house removal can hold a weight of over thirty kilograms inside, making them some of the strongest boxes that money can buy. Not only are they extra strong, but they are also sold at some of the lowest prices in the UK too.

No minimum orders for house moving packaging or house moving boxes. 

There is no minimum order quantity. Unlike many other packaging firms, we do not force our customers to purchase huge packs of boxes at a time. We let you choose exactly how many heavy-duty house moving boxes you require, and you can buy as little as one box of each type if you want to test them. If you do know which size and type of box you want, then we offer discounted packs of 5, 10, or 100 boxes at a time, and you can make huge savings with our packs of boxes. The more boxes you buy, the cheaper the price per box becomes. Before you ask, yes, we do deliver small quantities of boxes to your door.

Tracked next-day delivery moving boxes

All of our house removal packing boxes are held in stock all year around. We offer tracked next-day delivery on all orders, and this service means that you can always get the packaging that you need on time. It gives you more time to prepare and pack before the removal day, so you can get a head start on things. Our flexible delivery service allows you to choose exactly where you want the boxes to be delivered; we can deliver anywhere in the UK, e.g., work address, home address, friend or family member’s address too. We can also leave specific delivery instructions, e.g. a safe place where they can leave your parcel if you are out. We also protect our large moving boxes during delivery to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and ready for you to use.

Heavy Duty Boxes for Moving

Our house moving boxes are designed to withstand the weight of heavy items, so you can put just about anything in them, right from clothes to utensils and much more. They are ideal for not just residential moves but also commercial ones. Offices that are moving into a new location need lots of strong moving boxes into which they can put all their office supplies for relocation. We are a removal box suppliers UK company that offers a wide range of cardboard boxes for such needs and offers items made from high quality material.

Buy British-made items that are 100% recyclable.

Our boxes are made from recycled paper, and are one hundred percent recyclable too. This is also the same with our bubble wrap and other packaging too. As they are made in the UK, this also means we have reduced the carbon emissions used to produce the boxes too because we haven’t shipped them in from the Far East.