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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Moving Boxes For Your Business

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Moving Boxes For Your Business

Choosing the right boxes for moving can seem like a minefield. There are many different sizes and box types, with thousands of other suppliers. The average person moves house once every seven years, and businesses move even less frequently in most cases, so it is not a process that people are typically familiar with. Here at Packing Solution, we have over 8 years of experience in both removals and the packaging industry, so we know exactly what you will need for home moving boxes. 

Five things to consider when choosing moving boxes

  • First, always buy double-walled solid cardboard boxes instead of single-walled boxes for moving. This is because they are reliable and durable boxes; they can hold a heavy weight inside them without breaking, which means you can put lots of objects into them while moving, knowing they will have the weight. You can stack them on top of one another in the back of a removal lorry without breaking any boxes. Strong boxes will also help to protect contents inside the bottom damage, along with some bubble wrap. The cost of double-walled boxes is not much higher than single-walled ones because they are much more popular and are well worth the trouble.

  • Medium-sized home moving boxes in the UK usually make up most of the boxes you will use for moving. This is because they won’t become too heavy to carry when complete, which makes them practical for transporting and means anyone can help you to move regardless of how strong they are. Medium-sized boxes can easily fit through doorframes in most properties, and they are an excellent all-around size for everyday items in your home or office. They also offer excellent value for money and are cheap to buy in bulk.

  • Large or extra-large boxes are needed to move the more prominent objects in your home or office. Not all objects will fit into medium-sized boxes, so this is why some of the bigger ones are needed. Not all boxes should be large-sized because they will be much heavier to carry when complete, but you will need some for practicality. Probably 25% of the boxes you use will be extra large-sized.

  • Always buy boxes online from a specialist house moving boxes supplier with house moving boxes for sale. They will offer the best range designed specifically for moving, at the best prices, in ideal quantities for you to buy for moving without having to purchase massive amounts. You can typically buy packs of five, ten, or one hundred boxes of each type and size, which is ideal for moving, compared with buying from a packaging manufacturer where you must buy thousands at a time. You cannot purchase boxes on the high street as virtually no shops sell boxes, and supermarkets no longer give out second-hand boxes like they used to, as they reuse boxes wherever possible.

  • You may also need some specialist boxes for moving, including wardrobe and television boxes. Wardrobe boxes are extra tall, comprehensive, and deep boxes, and they are made from extra strong cardboard. They have a hanging rail at the top, designed to hang up the clothing from your wardrobe you want to protect during transit, including suits, dresses, and shirts. This will save you ironing your clothes when you have moved. Television boxes are extra wide, thin boxes designed to help you move a television safely. They are also made from extra strong cardboard and will help protect the television from damage. 

  • For moving an office or business, you will need some archive boxes with lids. These will help you to transport documents and books from the office to a new location. They have handle holes, making them easy to carry, and removable lids to access the contents inside easily. They are great for office storage in the future, too, so you can reuse them. 

  • Always write on the outside of moving boxes bulk using a permanent marker pen to say what you have put inside the boxes. This will keep everything organized and make unpacking very easy; plus, you can note which boxes contain the most fragile objects so you can take the most care to keep those boxes safe from harm.
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