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Are flat packed boxes heavy?

Cardboard boxes for moving house are often used for moving, storage or shipping. They are used by businesses as well as the public and are very useful boxes. They are low cost and highly effective and strong, making them the number one type of box used in the UK. They are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable, which makes them more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives.

When it comes to ordering boxes, there are many questions that you might have. Working out what size of box you are going to need, what shape, what type of box, what thickness of box and what price of box you want to buy is mind boggling. You might be moving house and wonder what weight you can put into each box.

One question that is commonly asked is; are flat packed boxes heavy? There are many reasons why you might need to know the answer to this question.

  • Perhaps you are considering where to purchase boxes from, and so if flat packed boxes are very heavy then it isn’t worth going to collect them from a physical store and is better to have them delivered to your door because you won’t be able to carry them easily.


  • Perhaps you have ordered lots of house removal boxes to be delivered to your door, but you don’t know if you’ll be able to manage to lift them and put them into a safe place in your home when they arrive and you might be wondering if you need to organise help to receive the order.


  • Perhaps you’re wondering if they will be too heavy for your car to transport them to your home.


  • Perhaps you are wondering where you can store them until you need to use them, or after you have used them, and you want to know if you can put them in the attic without them falling through the ceiling.

So are flat packed boxes heavy?

  • The answer is ultimately, yes. It will obviously depend on the size of the boxes when you buy moving house boxes and the quantity, but on average, the weight is quite heavy.


  • The average large sized flat packed box will weigh one kilogram, while the average medium to small sized box will weigh half a kilogram. If you buy an average pack of ten large boxes, that equals ten kilograms, while a pack of ten medium sized boxes will weigh five kilograms.


  • Not only is the weight quite heavy, but they are difficult to carry when flat packed because of the shape. They are very wide and long and it is often difficult to get your hands all around the boxes. They are awkward to carry.
  • One flat packed box on its own will not weigh much and will not be difficult to carry.
  • A full pallet or a hundred flat packed boxes will weigh loads, and will require a fork lift truck or pallet truck to lift. Even several strong people will not be able to lift it.


  • It is always best to have flat packed boxes delivered to your door and order them online as opposed to buying from a physical shop. They will weigh a lot and it isn’t worth the hassle. Just have a company send them directly to you, which will make your life much easier. The prices online are much lower and the range often much larger too.
  • Do not worry about accepting a delivery if they are heavy, because the delivery driver will help you store them safely in your home in a good place that suits you. You won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Flat packed boxes can fit into an average sized car, when you put your seats down. This won’t be a problem unless you are buying more than fifty boxes or have a very small car. We don’t recommend putting them on the roof of the car and they won’t fit in the boot unless you have a large car.
  • You can easily store flat packed boxes anywhere in your home and the weight will not be a problem. If you are putting them in your attic, make sure you put them on top of the beams not just on the plaster board ceiling as that might be too heavy. Otherwise you’ll be fine.
  • Flat packed large moving boxes are very easy to put together by folding in the flaps at either end of the box. Anybody can do this easily and it isn’t difficult. Just make sure that you have some strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut.
  • While you are ordering boxes make sure you buy strong tape and bubble wrap too for protection. You might need packing tissue paper as well or a tape dispenser gun if you have lots to do quickly.


  • If you have a large order of boxes arriving at your warehouse in the near future, but your loading bay cannot fit the delivery lorry or you don’t have a loading bay, then it will be tricky to accept the delivery. You might have to unload the boxes individually by hand which can be very time consuming, to ensure you have plenty of hands to help you.


  • A pallet truck is vital if you are receiving an order of boxes because the delivery lorries often will not have them.


  • Large quantities of boxes will always arrive on wooden pallets, so make room for storage. They are only around a metre in height and can be put on top of one another to save space.


  • They are usually delivered wrapped in cling film to make them waterproof during delivery, so they should always arrive in perfect condition. Each pallet will give you the total quantity of boxes that has arrived, so you can check the overall quantity that you ordered versus the amount received quickly and easily.


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