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Small Cardboard Boxes

Are Small Cardboard Boxes Worth It?

Cardboard boxes have many great uses; including house moving, storage and shipping. They are often used by businesses as well as the public in the UK and they are the best type of box that is the most environmentally friendly as well as being the best value for money compared with expensive plastic containers and boxes. Small moving boxes can be hard to find as there are not many retailers that offer boxes, which is why it is always best to shop online for packaging when looking where to buy different size boxes. There are many packaging experts online which specialise in packaging for moving and will have everything you need at a competitive price.


So when it comes to choosing the boxes you need, there are so many different types available. Knowing exactly which ones you are going to need and how many you are going to need is a difficult decision to make. Different people have different opinions of what is best which doesn’t help the equation either.

What are the different types of box available?

  • Single walled cardboard boxes; these are the cheapest option and are fine for light objects and non delicate objects. They aren’t the best for protecting or holding heavy things and we don’t recommend using these for moving as you cannot stack many on top of one another.
  • Double walled cardboard boxes; these are the strongest and best type of box. They can hold very heavy weights inside of them without breaking, they will protect what you put into them and they can easily be stacked on top of one another. They do not cost much more than single walled boxes either, so these are highly recommended.
  • Archive boxes with lids; these have removable lids and handle holes, making them great for storage within an office for documents that you want to be able to put on the shelf and get them off easily when searching for something important. They are not recommended for moving as they are not as secure or strong as ordinary double walled boxes and they are more expensive as well.
  • Wardrobe boxes; these are perfect for moving clothing as they have a hanging rail at the top which is designed for you to hang all your wardrobe clothing on, such as dresses, suits and shirts. They are extra large, tall and strong.

Of each type of box you can buy many different sizes, to suit your requirement. So are small package boxes worth it?

  • Small cardboard boxes can be tempting as they are a much lower cost than medium size or larger boxes. Price is always going to be a factor when buying anything, especially for moving house where you will need lots of boxes and your costs are already going to be looking sky high.
  • The benefits of using small boxes are that they don’t weigh much when they are full. This makes them easy to carry and means that if you are moving house, anybody can help with this. They will easily fit through doorframes, and you can easily fit them in the removal lorry using up every inch of space.
  • Small boxes are strong too because the walls of the box are not that long. This gives them extra strength as there is less room for damage.
  • The downside of using small boxes for moving is that some larger objects will simply not fit into them. Another negative is that they take a long time to pack up as you’ll have to keep securing shut box after box as they become full very quickly. The boxes might be cheaper than larger boxes, but you will need twice as much packing tape to secure each box shut, which will cost you more money, plus it will take you a lot longer to carry lots of smaller boxes to the removal lorry as opposed to fewer larger boxes, which again can cost you money if you are hiring a removal lorry or a removal company to help you move.
  • We therefore recommend that you use a variety of medium and large boxes for moving. Medium sized packing boxes for moving house UK will not become too heavy when they are full but they are a little more practical than small boxes. Large boxes will always be needed for the bigger objects, especially cooking equipment from your kitchen. So if you start with a variety of medium and larger boxes you cannot go wrong. Small boxes might seem tempting because of the price, but in reality they are impractical.
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