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Are Smaller Boxes Better For Moving House?

Are Smaller Boxes Better For Moving House?

When you move house there are so many different things that you have to organise and worry about. Organising the completion date with the seller and the solicitors is one thing, combined with your mortgage advisor and all the paperwork that comes with it can be very stressful. Then when you have finally been issued a completion date, you now have to organise the actual move itself. You need to be out of your current property by a specific time of the day, legally, and moved out, so this is the most important thing. Sometimes you might choose to use a removal company to help you to move, and sometimes you might try to do things yourself if you are fit and able and have plenty of helpers available. Choosing the right packaging materials for the move is the next thing you have to consider. This is something that you need to organise in advance of your move, giving yourself plenty of time to pack before the removal date because all you want to be doing on the removal day is actually moving your things into a lorry and getting on your way. You will need a range of packaging including cardboard packing boxes for moving house, bubble wrap and strong packing tape, plus perhaps some tissue paper for delicate items and wardrobe boxes for clothing. Cardboard boxes are the most important type of packaging and you simply can’t move without them. Choosing the right quantity, shape and size of box can be tough. 

Many people ask; are smaller boxes better for moving house?

  • Smaller to medium sized boxes are the easiest size of box to carry. Anybody can lift them when they are full because they aren’t too big and they don’t become too heavy when full because they can’t hold enough items. This means you can put anything into them including books and other heavy objects and you’ll still be able to move them.
  • The smaller size makes it easy for you to fit your hands around them to lift and carry them.
  • Smaller boxes packing supplies are sturdier than larger boxes. This is because the cardboard walls are shorter, and so they are more protective of your most precious items and they won’t break when you put heavy objects into them either. You can easily stack them on top of one another in the removal lorry because they are strong enough to hold heavy weights on top of them without breaking.
  • You can easily fit them in a removal lorry because they are smaller they will fit into smaller gaps. This means that you can better utilize the space inside of a lorry and make sure that it is completely full, which can save you trips back and forth from the new house.
  • As they are easier to carry, this speeds up your house move and will make the removal date go a bit quicker too.
  • Smaller boxes won’t take up much room in your house when they are flat packed, so you can buy them with plenty of time in advance of your move and keep them stored until you need to use them.

The disadvantages of using smaller boxes for moving house

  • You can’t fit larger objects inside of them. This means that they are not as versatile as larger boxes and so you will definitely need a variety of larger and smaller boxes to ensure that everything from your home will fit in boxes.
  • You can’t fit as many objects into each box. This means that you’ll need to fill up more smaller cardboard packing removal boxes than larger ones and you’ll have more to carry and transport. This will cost you more time and effort than moving larger boxes.
  • The more smaller boxes you use the more time needs to be spent securing them shut with tape which can also cost you time.

Advice and tips

  • Ultimately it depends on your ability to carry the boxes when full. Larger boxes can fit bigger items inside of them and more items inside of them, which can save time while moving, but they become very heavy when full. So if you are using a removal company to help you to move then they will easily be able to handle larger boxes and it’s better to use them. However if you are moving yourself, then smaller boxes is the better option.
  • Smaller boxes might seem cheaper to buy at first, but when you weigh up the extra space inside of larger boxes versus the additional cost, it is more economical to use larger boxes.
  • It is important to only use strong double walled boxes for moving, because they can hold heavier weights inside of them without breaking and they will protect your items too. Single walled boxes will be too weak and would only be suitable for clothing and very light objects that cannot get damaged easily.
  • Always buy boxes online because they are cheaper this way and it saves the hassle of having to find them on the high street (because they are not easy to find). You can find specialist packaging companies which offer a huge range of packing boxes at affordable prices, so this is the best option for you.
  • Boxes are always recyclable and they have many great uses, so make sure that you give them to somebody else who might have a use for them or at the very least give them to a recycling centre or back to a packaging company.
  • You can write on cardboard moving boxes for sale to say what is inside of each parcel, which will ensure that your house move goes very smoothly and is organised correctly. Just a normal marker pen will do the job perfectly and it will make unpacking much easier than if you didn’t write on them.
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