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Benefits of Eco-Friendly & Reusable Moving Boxes

Here at Packing Solution, our packing boxes for moving are all eco-friendly and reusable, because they are one hundred percent recyclable. We work closely with a local recycling company here in Somerset, and ensure that everything we do looks after the environment as much as we possibly can. All of our boxes are the natural brown colour, and so no artificial elements are added, which makes them that little bit better for recycling.


Examples of how you could reuse house removal packing boxes

1. You could flat pack them until needed

2. You could use them for storage in your attic or garage for your old things that you no longer need

3. You could use them to make things out of, for example a play house for your children which they will love, all you need to do is paint them and cut holes out for windows

4 . You can use them for insulation in your home, by just putting them in the attic

5. You could make Christmas decorations out of them

6. You could simply wait and use them again when you move home again

7. You could offer them to other friends and family who have a use for them

8. You could offer them to a local business who will have a use for them too

9. You could give them back to the online retailer who sold them to you to sell on again

10. You could give them to someone homeless for extra comfort

Heavy duty boxes for moving are sure to last a long time, and so recycling them is very important. Make sure you do not just throw them away in a normal bin, always put them in a correct cardboard recycling bin. You can typically find these at a local supermarket. Cardboard is much better than plastic containers, because they can be flat packed and so you can store them away to re use when you choose, where as plastic will take up a lot of room. Cardboard is also much cheaper than plastic, and so will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you are moving home this is very important indeed. We hope that you can find everything that you need here at Packing Solution online, and wish you all the best.

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