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Bubble Wrap: 5 Reasons You Need It When Packing

Bubble Wrap: 5 Reasons You Need It When Packing

Bubble wrap is a brilliant type of protective packaging which is vital while moving house, storing something or shipping too. Finding bubble wrap for moving to buy is hard, because very few shops on the high street sell bubble wrap and the ones that do tend to sell very small rolls at a high price which is often of poor quality. We always recommend buying good quality bubble wrap online from a packaging specialist, where you can find a huge range at the best prices and the quality is always better too.

Bubble wrap

The main 5 reasons you need bubble wrap while packing

  1. Firstly and most obviously you will need bubble wrap for protection of your most delicate items. The bubble wrap is made up of hundreds and thousands of tiny air bubbles which form a layer of protection around the items you wrap it around. The bubbles are filled with air and they work together to absorb shock from knocks and bumps, so even the heaviest of objects can be protected safely using bubble wrap. It can be wrapped around small objects from the kitchen, for example a glass or mug, or it can be used for medium sized objects such as a picture frame, or large sized objects such as furniture too. You can buy many different sized rolls of bubble wrap to cover almost anything. You can buy small bubbles or larger bubbles depending on your requirements. 

  2. Secondly, bubble wrap moving house will not only protect from knocks and bumps but also water damage. It is made from a waterproof material and when that is secured properly around an object, ensuring all the edges are taped up securely using strong packing tape, this will ensure that no water can get into the parcel and damage the object. This is especially important during transit if it rains.

  3. Bubble wrap can be placed inside of a parcel to fill empty gaps. You can’t always find boxes that are the perfect size for your object and often there will be some gaps in the box that need filling. If you fill the gaps with bubble wrap it will stop the objects moving around inside of the box and this will further prevent breakage. 

  4. Bubble wrap for moving house can be re used after you have moved and used it the first time. This is because it is a versatile type of packaging that lasts a long time. You could pass it onto a friend or family member who is moving house soon, or a neighbour too. At the very least you should recycle bubble wrap by putting it into your normal recycling collection bin. 

  5. Bubble wrap is great fun to use and great fun to play with. Children and adults can spend many hours popping the bubbles, jumping on them and rolling around on them. It could bring a little bit of a joy to what is going to otherwise be a stressful day of packing, which is certainly needed.

Bubble wrap is clear in colour, making it easy to see what you have wrapped up, so when it comes to unpacking this should be a quick and easy process. It is cheap to buy and quick to use, so there is no reason not to use it, especially when you consider the cost of having damaged items during transit. Bubble wrap suppliers near me are hard to find and so buying online is the best option. Bubble wrap is lightweight and easy to carry and it comes on a roll so is easy to store until you use it. You can buy bubble wrap from exactly the same place that you buy boxes and other packaging from too, so you won’t have to go out of your way to buy some. 

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