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Buy online next day delivery of storage boxes and cardboard boxes

There are many reasons why you would require cardboard boxes. They are versatile boxes that have many great uses including house moving, storage and shipping. As boxes are something that you need rather than something you necessarily want to buy, it is common that people leave purchasing storage boxes next day delivery until the last minute. This is especially the case for house movers, where you have many other things to organise and think about all at one time. You might have to send something in the post to a friend who has a birthday coming up and you desperately need a box for shipping, or perhaps you are clearing out your home and need to store some items away in the attic or garage, fast. Maybe you run a business and have run out of boxes and are desperate for some more. 

How to get boxes fast

  • Just visit our website here at Packing Solution. We offer next day delivery on all orders, and have a very reliable delivery service throughout the UK. Our next day delivery applies to everywhere in the UK no matter where you live.
  • Make sure you order before 3PM each afternoon to guarantee next day delivery, as this is our normal cut off point. If you order just after 3PM we can usually make it work for you, but if you order as early as possible this will guarantee your delivery time-slot.
  • Once your order has been sent for next day delivery, we will email you with the necessary tracking details so that you know that your order has been dispatched on time and you know when your order is going to arrive tomorrow.
  • We have no minimum orders, so you can order as much or as little as you need for next day delivery. We hold stock of our entire range of house removal boxes, so it is available and ready to send to you ASAP.
  • We can deliver to any address in the UK, so we can deliver to your home address, work address or another address of a friend or family member. Your delivery address does not have to be the same as your payment address.
  • We can leave special delivery notes for a safe place to leave your parcel if you are out, for example ‘please leave on the porch if out’. Our delivery drivers are very flexible and can do whatever you want.
  • We usually do not offer weekend delivery, however if you require a special Saturday delivery service we can organise this for you with a small additional charge. Just contact us by phone or email to arrange this.
  • Your boxes will be sent flat packed, so they are safe during delivery and they won’t take up much storage space when they arrive. They will be wrapped up carefully in polythene before they are sent, which will help protect them during delivery from water in case it rains. This will also keep them clean and tidy.

Why you should buy online if you want boxes tomorrow

  • Very few high street shops sell next day delivery cardboard boxes, and they are almost impossible to find this way. Although it might seem ideal to simply pop down and pick up some boxes instead of ordering online, this is usually not possible. The only stores that sell boxes are home ware stores, but they will only offer one or two types of box that won’t be strong enough and won’t be the ideal size for moving. They will also be sold at a high price, and if you have a large house move coming up or if you run a business, this isn’t ideal.
  • It is best to buy from an online retailer because they will offer the best prices, the biggest range designed specifically for your purpose, and they will deliver to you on time tomorrow so it will save you time today. It only takes one minute to place an order online so it is much simpler and easier.
  • Second hand boxes are very difficult to get hold of, because supermarkets and other businesses do not offer them very often now. The reason for this is because they often choose to re use boxes as opposed to give them away, because it is more cost effective and it is better for the environment.
So ordering online really is the best option if you need boxes tomorrow. Our website here at Packing Solution is very easy to use, and if you need any assistance simply contact a member of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you. We have many years of experience with house moving and packaging, so we are able to give you advice on which types, sizes and quantities of large moving boxes you are likely to need for your task. We have no minimum orders so that you can order as many or as little boxes as you need at any time, plus we also sell other types of packaging which includes bubble wrap and strong packing tape too so that you can buy everything that you need in one place here online. Our delivery drivers can help you when they are delivering your boxes if you have difficulty carrying them to a safe storage place in your home. They are usually not very heavy per box, but depending on how many you buy, they can weigh a bit more. Each large box will weigh approximately one kilogram, so you can work that out based on those weights. We will usually pack ten boxes maximum per parcel, so if you order quite a lot of boxes, they will arrive in numerous parcels. If you are not in to receive the parcel and you do not have a safe place to leave your order, then we will leave a card through your door and re attempt delivery the following day.
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