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Green move with environmentally friendly cardboard boxes?

Looking after the environment is extremely important to us, and should be at the forefront of everyone’s way of thinking in the UK with everything we do. We need to look after the planet. Here at Packing Solution, we are based in Glastonbury, which is known around the globe for being the green capital of the country. But how can you move home in an environmentally friendly manner, and can this really be a cheaper option for a house move?


  • Environmentally friendly cardboard boxes are much, much cheaper than plastic alternatives. Yes, this will save you a lot of money on a house move. Boxes, on average, should cost around £50 for an average house move, whereas plastic containers will cost nearer £500 for the same number of boxes!

      • Better still, if you use second hand cardboard boxes, which can sometimes be picked up from local shops on the high street or supermarkets, this will be completely free for you to use! You can’t always get these, and sometimes they will be a little broken, damaged, or dirty, but for some of your older possessions, this can do the job just fine, such as tools from the garden shed etc.
        • Picking an environmentally friendly fuel efficient van or lorry to do the job for you will not only look after the environment, but yes, it will save you fuel as well. Our tips for this are to pick the smallest van you can get away with, that will be able to hold all of your possessions for the house move too. You don’t want to do trips back and forth though, because this will have the opposite effect, so make sure the van is big enough, but not too big. Planning is the key here.

    Cardboard boxes for packaging are always recyclable, so once you have finished with them, make sure you either re use them for storage, give them away to someone else moving home, or recycle them at a recycling plant. Another alternative is that you can re use them to make things out of them, which can be both fun and entertaining.

    Of course, picking the optimum number of cardboard boxes is the key to success. If you have too many, then it will cost you more and use more energy producing them too, but having too little and you won’t be able to move home properly. So the solution to this is to buy small groups of boxes at a time, and top them up as you go along and as you run out of them, rather than purchasing incredibly large amounts at a time.

    Why environmentally friendly packaging for green businesses?

    When choosing the best cardboard boxes for moving for your house move or office move, there are many different factors to consider, such as price, size, quantity, etc. But something that you must consider and think carefully about is making sure you pick environmentally friendly packaging that can be recycled and re used after you have moved. Creating wastage would be a catastrophe.

    Here at Packing Solution our cardboard packing boxes are:

          • Recyclable

          • Re useable

          • We have contracts with a local recycling company

          • We use environmentally friendly courier services

          • We are based in Glastonbury- the home of green

          • Made from high quality cardboard

          • Made locally, also reducing emissions

    Packing cardboard boxes can be reused again and again, for many different things. You can use it as insulation in your home, or you could make things out of them. For example, you could make an outfit to look like a robot, or make a play house with them. These are just a few ideas. You can use them for storage purposes too, or you could just flat pack them and put them under your bed until you need them again, or ask friends and family if they need them at all as well. Here at Packing Solution, we always encourage our customers to do this, because simply throwing them away is a waste of time.

    Packaging accessories and boxes can be sent back to us to recycle for you, or just take them down to your local recycling centre to do it for you if you wish to do this because they are taking up too much room in the home. House removal packing boxes need to be purchased in the most accurate sizing as possible so that the number of boxes you need will be optimum, which will not only save you time and money, but it will reduce wastage of packaging as well- and this is vital. If you need assistance with this, please phone or email us and a member of our experienced team will be able to advise you on quantity. Alternatively, take a look at our moving packs, which aim to give you some idea of how many you may need. These are discounted too, so there are lots of reasons to pick them.




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