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Can You Move House On A Saturday?

Can You Move House On A Saturday?

Moving home with boxes for house moving can be a tricky time with lots of things to organise and think about. As most people move house on average once every seven years, it is not going to be something you are completely familiar with. Organising the actual removal date (or completion date) can be a tough choice and it will need to work around your busy life schedule and will also depend on which day you are able to hire a removal company or removal lorry.

Move House On A Saturday

So can you move house on a Saturday with boxes for house removal?

  • If you are hiring a professional removal company or man and van service to assist you with your move, it will depend on whether they offer that service. You might have a specific company that you wanted to ideally use and not every removal company will offer weekend removals service. The ones that do, will likely charge a premium fee for moving on a Saturday, as the standard procedure is to move on a weekday, although this isn’t always possible if you are busy working.
  • If you are moving yourself by hiring a removal lorry or van and gathering some friends or family to move packing boxes for moving, there are a few factors you need to consider. When it comes to hiring the lorry or van, you will have to hire for the entire weekend, because they won’t offer just Saturday one day rental. If you were to rent in the week, you can hire for just one day, which will be cheaper than the whole weekend. When it comes to using friends and family to help you to move, it will obviously depend on when they are free too. Saturdays can be a good day for them, so that is one positive of moving on a weekend.
  • Generally speaking, the roads tend to be busier on a Saturday than a weekday. This can make your house move go a bit slower than normal as it will take you longer to get back and forth from the new property.
  • When you complete your house move, the solicitors will need to exchange contracts. If both solicitors firms are not working on a Saturday then you cannot move on a Saturday, as the exchange has to happen at an exact time. You might be able to pay a premium to ensure they exchange on a Saturday however, but it will certainly cost you a lot more. Always remember it is not only your solicitors that need to do this, it is also the sellers solicitors too.
  • If you move on a Saturday, then you only have one day (Sunday) to settle in and unpack your heavy duty boxes for moving before you start work again on Monday, which isn’t always possible in such short time frame. Most people choose to move on Friday or take the entire week off to allow themselves plenty of time for moving.
  • So in conclusion, other than the increased costs of moving on Saturdays, which include the removal company, van hire and solicitors, and persuading the companies involved to actually work on a Saturday which isn’t always possible, then there aren’t any other reasons why you can’t do it. We wouldn’t recommend it, but if there aren’t any other choices for you and money isn’t an issue, then go ahead and ask the relevant parties.
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