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Large Cardboard Boxes

Can You Slide Cardboard Boxes When Moving House?

Moving Home: How to Slide Cardboard Boxes Along the Floor - Moving home is stressful and challenging, and moving on the removal date is hard and tiresome! You will have hundreds of boxes to shift, which are heavy and full of your household possessions, and lifting them one by one into the removal lorry from your house will take all day. Then you have to unload them at the other end, too. Bending over to pick up cardboard packing boxes all day long is the hardest part, and then carrying them over a long distance to the removal lorry adds to the pressure, so many people wonder if you can slide cardboard boxes along the floor instead of having to lift them all the time?


The Pros and Cons of Sliding Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes for moving houses will only slide on certain surfaces, such as a carpet. Suppose you slide a box on a rug over a short distance. In that case, this is fine because the carpet will ensure that no damage can occur to the box and will keep it in perfect condition with your belongings inside it.

Other surfaces are unsuitable for sliding a box, and you must pick the boxes up off the ground. The tarmac or gravel outside your home is not a surface that a box can slide on because it would ruin the box and damage the things inside it.

Often, the insides of a removal lorry will be flat, and the surface will be slippery, which is perfect for sliding a box inside, too. Where to buy cardboard boxes? Online, always. This can be useful if you need to fit plenty of boxes into the lorry. However, you will need somebody inside the truck to help pack it efficiently and effectively because you need to do as many containers into each load of the lorry as possible, which will involve lifting boxes to pile them on top of one another.

Some cardboard moving boxes are much more difficult to slide around than others because of the weight and size of the container. Some small and medium-sized boxes are pleasing to slide around, but larger boxes will not budge, so you’ll have to pick them up and may need help to pick them up, too.

A Better Solution for Moving Boxes

A much more suitable solution to moving boxes is to use a sack truck, which you can use to pile up lots of boxes effortlessly. You will easily be able to transfer them out of your home to the removal lorry. Most lorries also have a tail lift, meaning you can leave them on the sack truck, place them onto the tail lift, and then transfer them to the lorry.

Generally speaking, if you consider sliding large house moving boxes online to make life easier for yourself, it will only be the case if you are pondering over short distances. Suppose you find the prospect of carrying boxes so tricky. In that case, you should contact a removal company in your local area. They can cost a lot of money, but some are cheaper than others, and a primary man and van service can assist you for a fraction of the cost.

How to Protect Your Items Inside the Boxes

If you slide boxes, it is important to ensure that the items inside the box are protected using bubble wrap to ensure they do not get damaged if the box hits another object or box.
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