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Difference between heavy duty and regular moving boxes

Difference between heavy duty and regular moving boxes

Moving boxes are useful for many different purposes, including house moving, storage and shipping and they are used by businesses as well as the public. When it comes to moving house, there are different types of cardboard boxes that people tend to use for different objects and different reasons and the two most common types are heavy duty boxes and regular moving boxes. It is important that you choose the right type of box for moving because the wrong boxes will make life a lot more difficult for you. The wrong size, quantity and type of box can be detrimental to your house move and add even more stress to the move (which is the last thing you want).

So what are the main differences between heavy duty moving boxes and regular boxes?


  • Regular moving boxes are typically made up of a single layer of cardboard on each wall of the box. This makes them fine for moving lighter objects and objects that are less delicate, such as clothes or bed sheets or pillows. They are the cheapest option when buying boxes, so they represent excellent value for money. You can buy them in almost any size and any quantity. Generally speaking, medium sized single walled boxes are the largest that you should buy, as any larger and they would be too weak to hold anything inside. You should avoid putting heavy objects into these single walled boxes, as they cannot carry heavy objects over the weight of around five kilograms. If you put heavy objects into them, they would break when being carried and this could damage your belongings when moving house.
  • Heavy duty removals boxes uk are typically made from double walled cardboard, which means they have two layers of cardboard side by side on each wall of the box, giving them double the strength. They are often made from thicker cardboard too, which makes them even stronger and this gives them the ability to hold very heavy objects inside of up to twenty or even thirty kilograms. It also enables them to protect the objects that you put into them from damage too. This makes them perfect for moving large and heavy objects such as televisions, as well as being able to protect them from damage during transit. As these boxes are much stronger, you can buy very large double walled boxes knowing that they are strong enough to hold everything you put into them, which makes your house move quicker and more efficient too. These boxes are usually a little more expensive than single walled boxes, but they are well worth the trouble.

Generally speaking a mixture of both types of box are recommended for moving house, in a variety of different sizes. The reason being because it is good to cover all bases and to have boxes for all the different types and sizes of object in your home. Small and medium sized boxes can be purchased in single walled boxes, and medium and large and extra large sized boxes should always be double walled cardboard.

The price difference between the two types of box is minimal; a medium sized box can vary by at most one pound per box. For this reason, double walled heavy duty house moving boxes are always the best option.

Although heavy duty boxes will protect the objects that you put into them better than single walled boxes, you may still require bubble wrap for additional protection, as well as tissue paper for delicate items and strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut as well.

When it comes to buying either heavy duty or regular boxes for moving, you should always look to buy them from an online house moving packaging specialist. The reason being because if you try to buy directly from a packaging manufacturer, they will have large minimum orders of thousands of boxes at a time, which isn’t ideal for house moving. House moving online specialists will offer small packs of five or ten boxes of each type at a time, with a huge range specifically designed for moving. The sizes and types of box will be condensed into a range which is perfect for your requirements in terms of size and strength of box. This will make your life much easier and with next day delivery available this is better still. Always buy your packing boxes heavy duty with plenty of time to prepare and pack. Do not leave everything until the last minute. It will surprise you just how long it can take and how many objects there are in your home to pack up and move. Always remember that you have a specific time of the day that you need to have left your old property and moved into your new one, and if you cannot meet this time then you are technically breaking the law, so always pre pack everything ready for your move.

Not all objects in your home will require packing into large heavy-duty boxes; large furniture will simply need protection covers from dirt and dust and they won’t fit into boxes. It is mainly the smaller objects such as kitchen cooking equipment, pictures from the hallways, ornaments from the living room, clothes from the bedroom and washing equipment from the bathrooms that need packing into boxes. When it comes to packing everything into the removal lorry, always put larger furniture into the lorry first, followed by smaller boxes on top and around the furniture. This way you can fit more into each load of the lorry, as it is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle; the more you can fit into the lorry the less trips back and forth will be needed and it will speed up your house move. This will save you money on fuel and make your life easier too.

Always buy heavy duty boxes for moving; they are the best as they are strongest for holding heavy objects and for protection.

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