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House removal packing boxes

Do you need cardboard boxes for moving house?

Moving house is a very stressful time for most people. The average person moves once every seven years, so it is more than likely that you won’t be familiar with the entire process. Organising the solicitors, bidding for your perfect home, organising the mortgage, and organising the actual move are all very difficult tasks that can take many months to complete. Long house chains can fall through very often too, so in many cases this might not be your first time going through the process.


When it comes to the actual house move, this in itself is a big task. You need to book the time off work, organise a removal company to help you on the exact date of completion (and you have to be out of the house by a specific time legally!)and And then you need all the necessary equipment and removal boxes to help you move and any friends and family that might be available to help too. It is like a military operation; the more you plan in advance, the smoother your house move will become.


The cost of moving is extremely high, never mind the actual cost of the house itself. So many people wonder about ways in which they can cut costs. There are a few tricks that can definitely help.    house-removal-packing-boxes

Many people wonder if you need to buy house removal boxes or can you manage without.

  • Cardboard boxes enable you to carry numerous items at once. Large boxes enable you to carry lots of items at once. This will speed up your house move significantly and enable you to meet your time deadline of having moved out of the old property and into the new.
  • Cardboard boxes help to protect your belongings while you move. Strong double-walled boxes are made from thick cardboard walls, which can protect the items inside from knocks and bumps. This will prevent breakages and prevent you from having to spend money on repairing or buying new objects in your home.
  • Cardboard boxes that are strong can be stacked on top of one another in the back of a removal lorry. This enables you to fit more into each load of the lorry, which saves you time and trips back and forth. This also saves you in petrol money. It keeps things very neat and tidy in the removal lorry.
  • Cardboard boxes help you to organise your things during the move. Moving can be chaotic, but if you write on the outside of each box to say what is inside or which room of the house that the box belongs, then this will make unpacking much easier for you.
  • Cardboard boxes are easy to carry and this alone will make your house move much quicker and easier.

What would happen if you don’t use house removal packing boxes?

  • You will have to carry each individual item from your home into the removal lorry bit by bit. This will be extremely time-consuming and difficult. If you think of all the small items in your home, you will begin to understand the level of difficulty. The items from your kitchen, for example, including all of the pots and pans and plates and glasses, or the items from your bedroom, including clothes and pictures, These would take a long time to move individually.
  • Your items won’t be protected in the removal lorry as it moves, and many of your items could break. Think of your ornaments or pictures as an example, which are very fragile and won’t be able to withstand many knocks, bumps, and scratches.
  • It would be very difficult to stack your items in the removal lorry efficiently, so you won’t be able to fit as many things into each load, which will cost you a lot of time and money.
  • Overall your house move will take a lot longer and will be a lot less organised. If you use a removal company to help you to move house, they might refuse to help you unless your things are packed into boxes correctly beforehand.

So how else can you save money while moving house?

  • Cutting costs on packaging is not the answer and will actually cost you more money in the time lost. The best way to make sure your house move is done as cheaply as possible is to try to complete the move by yourself without hiring a removal company. This can be a daunting task but is definitely doable.
  • You can hire a removal van or lorry for a low cost from most hire companies, and then all you need is some friends and family to help you to load everything into the lorry and out of the lorry. It is a long day and a hard day’s work and you’ll need plenty of strong men and women to help you, but it can easily be done yourself. This can save you paying a removal company in excess of £1000 to help.
  • Packing the removal lorry as efficiently as possible by fitting as many boxes for house removal in at a time will save you trips back and forth and save you petrol money and time. It is like a jigsaw puzzle fitting them in, and it is a good idea to put the larger furniture in first followed by the smaller boxes and objects on top of them.
  • Saving money on the actual property is the biggest saver of all. Putting in a nice low offer to begin with and sticking with a low offer you will eventually get a good deal. It can be a long process, but you can make huge savings if you are prepared to be a bit cheeky while doing the deal. Start with an offer of ten percent lower than the asking prices and see what happens, you never know.
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