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Genius Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Genius Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Finding the right packaging materials for moving is a tricky task, as you have to calculate which types of packaging you are going to need and the quantity that you will need for your move. Every house move is different and will require different types and quantities of packaging, just to complicate things even more. We have compiled a moving supplies checklist to help you to work out what you will need.

Our moving supplies checklist:

  • Firstly, you will need cardboard boxes for moving. These will help you to carry numerous items at once, which will make transportation much easier and faster. They will protect the items you put into them too, as well as being able to hold heavy objects. They are also great for stacking in the back of a removal lorry, so you can fit the maximum amount into each load.
  • You will need a variety of different sized boxes; medium and large sized. The medium sized boxes won’t become too heavy to carry when full, which means they are versatile and almost anyone can help you to move. Larger boxes can hold more items as well as large sized items, so they are practical and will save you trips back and forth, however they can become very heavy when full so only certain people will be able to lift them. A mixture of the two is always the best outcome.
  • You will need strong heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes for moving house. They are the strongest and will enable you to carry lots of heavy objects, as well as providing the maximum amount of protection and enable you to stack them easily too. Single walled boxes will be too weak for moving and are not recommended.
  • You will need bubble wrap for protection of your most delicate items. The air bubbles will provide a layer of protection around your objects to ensure they don’t get damaged during transit. This is well worth the trouble and won’t take long to wrap up certain objects. Not all objects from your home will need protecting, only the most delicate.
  • Strong packing tape will be needed to secure the cardboard boxes for packing shut when they are full. Only strong adhesive tape will do, because heavy boxes will split open if the tape is not good enough. Don’t skimp on the tape; make sure you buy the best. The colour does not matter, clear or brown are the same as long as they are strong. 48mm wide is the recommended width.
  • Packing tissue paper is going to be needed as well for protecting glasses, plates, mugs and bowls from the kitchen which are very delicate. Tissue will protect from scratches and then bubble wrap will be wrapped around as well. This will ensure that they arrive in good condition in your new home.
  • A marker pen is a great idea for writing on the outside of boxes to say what is inside, which room they belong and which boxes contain fragile items. This will help to organise your move and ensure that there are fewer breakages. 
  • Furniture covers are great for protecting sofas and large furniture from water damage during transit. They are just made of clear polythene and are simply designed to be wrapped around.
  • Wardrobe boxes are specialist cardboard boxes for removals which are designed for moving clothes from your wardrobe so that you don’t have to fold them up into normal boxes. The wardrobe boxes are extra tall and wide and have a hanging rail, so you can simply hang up the clothes from your wardrobe. This will protect suits, dresses and shirts. 


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