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House Moving: Avoid Common Mistakes And Make It A Smooth Transition

House Moving: Avoid Common Mistakes And Make It A Smooth Transition

Moving house is a tricky process with lots of things to organise and think about. As most families move once every seven years on average and often much longer, it is probably not a process that you are going to be familiar with. If you plan the move as much as possible, you can ensure that it all goes smoothly and with as little stress as possible; perfect planning prevents poor performance, as they say. 

Here at Packing Solution we have ten years of experience within the removals industry and the packaging industry too, so we have brought the two together to offer invaluable advice to house movers. 

House Moving Boxes

Here are our top tips on how to avoid common mistakes when moving house:

  • Firstly, always ensure you give yourself plenty of time to pack boxes for house moving before the moving day. Do not leave everything until the last minute. The moving day is stressful enough, with lots to transport and unpack in your new home. You certainly don’t want the added stress of having to pack up your belongings on the same day as moving. We recommend packing up your belongings two weeks before the moving day, so you can slowly work your way through each room of the house, keeping everything as organised as possible into boxes. 
  • Always use strong heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes for moving. They can hold the heavy weight of objects inside of them without breaking, they will protect the objects you put into them and they can be stacked on top of one another in the back of a removal lorry without breaking. Do not use single walled boxes and don’t be tempted because of a small saving in price.
  • Always buy house moving boxes online from a specialist house moving packaging company. They will offer the best range designed specifically for house moving, at the best prices, delivered straight to your door. Most offer next day delivery too, so the quick and efficient service will certainly suit your requirements. You cannot pick up second hand boxes from supermarkets any more like you used to and boxes are impossible to find in high street shops.
  • Always write on each box as you pack up your things. Use a marker pen and write which room of the house the box belongs and which cardboard boxes house moving contain fragile items. This will help you to unpack much quicker and easier and it also helps to prevent breakage during transit as you’ll know which boxes need to be taken care of the most.
  • Always use bubble wrap and packing tissue paper for protection from damage. It is low cost and worth wrapping around your most delicate items to prevent damage. When you consider what the cost would be of damaging certain objects, it is a no brainer to use bubble wrap.
  • Always pick house moving boxes up using a straight back and bent knees. The last thing you want is a bad back while moving house as it will certainly make things more difficult for you.
  • If you are driving the removal lorry yourself as you have hired one and are using friends and family to help you pack, always drive very slowly and carefully. The weight of the lorry full of your belongings is very heavy and it will take a long time for you to break if you need to.
  • When it comes to choosing a removal company to help you to move, always shop around. It is best to use a professional and trusted removal company in your local area than using a man and van service, as they are much more reliable and will do a much better job. They cost more, but it is worth the cost when it comes to your home. We have had numerous occasions where a man and van service has simply not turned up for the job and let the customer down, and you certainly don’t want to be in that situation on the completion date as you legally have to be out of your home by a certain time of the day.
  • Use a sack truck to help you to move the largest furniture out of your home as they can be enormously heavy to transport and a sack truck can certainly help you with that. This is definitely a top tip.
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