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House moving: Avoid the mistakes, make it a smooth transition

House moving: Avoid the mistakes, make it a smooth transition

Moving house is a very stressful and difficult time for most people. The average UK resident moves once every seven years, so it is not going to be something you are familiar with. There are loads of different things to have to organise and worry about, and it can be a very long process from start to finish.

Finding your perfect dream home is one thing, then selling your own home is another, combined with the fact that you might be in a long chain which could fall through at any moment which can go on for many months. Next you have to organise solicitors and chase them up on a regular basis, as well as organising your mortgage through an advisor. When you have finally finished all the paperwork and finally been given a completion date, then comes the next part of the equation; the actual move.

Moving house itself doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you are doing. As long as you avoid the most common mistakes, moving should be a breeze.

Here are the most common house moving mistakes:

  • Always buy packaging materials for moving, do not try to move house without removal boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape at the very least. Boxes enable you to carry lots of items at once, which make your house move much faster and easier. It also prevents breakage of your items too, and enables you to stack up boxes in the removal lorry so you can get more into each load, which saves you time and effort. This is a must. Bubble wrap will protect your most delicate items, and strong tape will hold it all together.

  • Always buy the packaging boxes near me that you need far in advance of your actual removal date, so you have plenty of time to pack. The biggest mistake is leaving the packing until the last minute and trying to do it on the same day that you are moving. This is going to make things very difficult because you will have a very limited timeframe to move as you have to be out of your home legally by a specific time of the day which is usually around mid day.

  • Always hire a van, lorry or removal company to help you to move on the removal day. Do not try to move home on your own using just a car, even if you have a large car. It will make things very difficult for you and you won’t be able to move the larger furniture from your home at all, let alone larger boxes. If you are moving to or from University with just one room of possessions a car should be ok, but otherwise it is definitely to be avoided.

  • If you are using a professional removal company to help you to move, always make sure that you shop around. A big mistake is picking the first removal company that you find. They can vary in price quite dramatically, and because it is such a huge cost, you can make huge savings here. Removal companies can cost anywhere between £500 to £2000 depending on the size of your home and how far you are moving. You can choose between large national removal companies, local removal companies and local man and van operators too. Make sure you do your homework in this department.

  • Always make sure that you write on the outside of the cardboard boxes for moving while you are packing them with your belongings. The reason for this is that it keeps things nice and organised, so that when you move into your new home, you’ll know exactly where each box belongs and in which room of the house to put it in. A big mistake is not writing on the boxes at all, because you’ll end up with hundreds of blank boxes with no idea what is inside of any of them and you won’t have a clue where they belong in your new home. You would end up with a very large pile of boxes in the hallway and you’ll have to go through them one by one which can be very time consuming!

  • If you are moving home using a van or lorry that you have hired yourself, the biggest mistake is driving too fast. If you drive too fast and have to suddenly break because somebody pulls out in front of you for example, then it could damage all of the household items in the back of the lorry which would fall down on top of one another. Take your time, drive slowly and this will be a success.

  • When buying the packaging materials that you need, always shop online and have them delivered from a professional packaging company. They will have a very large selection specifically designed for moving house. Do not make the mistake of paying a premium for high street boxes, which are very hard to find and are far from ideal. Also, make sure you use brand new boxes, because second hand boxes can often be dirty which would make your household items dirty, and they are often weaker so are more likely to break apart while moving.

  • When packing up the removal lorry, always put the largest furniture in first, followed by smaller storage boxes on top. The reason for this is because you can fit more into each load of the lorry this way, which saves you trips back and forth which saves you time and money. Furniture is the hardest item to move from your home, so it is good to get the hard lifting over with nice and early. You will often need many hands on deck to help lift your sofas, cabinets and beds. Bed frames will need to be taken apart using screw drivers or Allen keys.
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