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How do you transport clothes when moving house?

Moving house is an extremely difficult process, with hundreds of items from your home that you need to move. Organising this can be very stressful, especially if you are planning to do the move yourself rather than hire a professional removal company. Even if you are using a removal company to assist you with the move, you will still need to pack your things up ready before the removal date.


Planning and organising the actual move is very tricky. You can take a number of different methods to achieve this:

  • You could organise your packing boxes for moving house based on the rooms of your house. For example, you can plan packing the kitchen, then the living room, then the bedrooms etc.
  • You could plan the packing based on the actual items in your home, for example books, clothes, cooking equipment, china and glass etc.
  • You could take a disorganised approach and pack items at complete random, as quickly as you possibly can, based on what space is available in each box you are packing.
When it comes to packing up your clothes, this is something that is often overlooked. Most people will leave this until the last minute. There are different methods, tips and tricks for moving clothing successfully:
  • You could leave the clothes in the drawers that they come from, and simply pack the check of drawers in the removal van as it is. This method might seem simple and easy, but in fact the chest of drawers will probably be too heavy to transport and carry out of your house to place in the removal van. You will need to take out each individual drawer one by one, and then put them back into the chest of drawers when you have carried them individually to the removal lorry, so it can be a bit more time consuming than it might seem. However, the end result will create a bit more space in the removal van and allow you to pack more into that load.
  • You could choose to empty your chest of drawers into cardboard boxes and packing supplies and then move them. This is quick and easy, and will only require single walled packing boxes so they are cheap and easy to buy. This is because clothes won’t weigh much and they don’t need much protection as they are soft. Boxes will protect the clothes from dirt and dust, but it can take time to pack the boxes up.
  • When it comes to wardrobe clothes, we always recommend buying wardrobe boxes. These are extra large, wide and tall cardboard packing removal boxes that are very strong, and they have a hanging rail just like a normal wardrobe would. They are designed specifically for moving clothing from your wardrobe and will enable you to keep the suits, dresses, shirts and other clothes on hangers while you move and thus will protect them from dirt, dust and creases too. The hangers will be kept in one position due to the unique hanging rail which doesn’t allow them to slide around, which is perfect for moving clothes. This will make your empty wardrobe very light and easy to transport. Most people choose to take down their wardrobe because it won’t fit through doorframes otherwise, so a few screws need to be removed first.
  • Always ensure that you write on the box to say which clothes belong in each box. This will make unpacking much easier and faster, and because you will inevitably be living out of boxes for the first few days after moving into your new home, this will make your life easier if you know which boxes contain which items.
  • All boxes that will contain clothes will be fairly light compared with other objects from your home. It is therefore best that you put them on the top of the pile when packing the removal lorry. If you were to put heavy boxes on top of a box containing clothes, then the box might break under the pressure and cause the whole pile to fall down. This also means that if you have to break suddenly when driving the removal lorry, then the boxes at the top which contain clothes might fall backward or down, but nothing will get damaged because clothes are so soft.
  • It can be a good tip to pack some of your china or glass from the kitchen in between some of your clothes in boxes. This is because they will help to protect them during transit and save you using bubble wrap or other forms of protection.
  • You should pack your clothes as one of the last things in your home, because you will always need your clothes right up until the actual removal date. Other less necessary items from your home should be packed first. It is good to have plenty of clean clothes available when you first move, because you might have issues with fitting your washing machine in your new home. Make sure you put a large wash on before the removal date.
  • Always wear old clothes when you actually do the house move, because you will inevitably get quite dirty and it can be a messy job.
  • Make sure you use some strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut that contain clothing. This will help to ensure that the clothes inside remain clean and free from dust and dirt in the removal van. Put tape along all of the edges and cracks in the box ensuring that there are no holes or slits. You could even use some cling film to wrap around the box to ensure that it is waterproof too, just in case it rains during the removal day. You can buy this from the same place that you found moving boxes for sale.
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