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How Small Boxes Are Perfect For Your Moving Needs

How Small Boxes Are Perfect For Your Moving Needs

Small cardboard packing boxes are perfect for moving house, and they are also used for storage and shipping, and are used by both the public as well as businesses. When it comes to moving, they are the number one type of box for many important reasons. Firstly, they are low cost when compared with plastic boxes, so if you are moving house and you need a lot of boxes, then they are going to be the most cost effective option. If you buy boxes in bulk, the price the box becomes cheaper, so it could be worth looking at bigger discounts for large purchases. The second reason why cardboard boxes are so popular when compared with plastic boxes is because they are made from recycled paper in most cases, and they are fully recyclable too, so they are the environmentally friendly option. 

Small cardboard packing boxes

Boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes, and picking the right ones and the right quantity for your move can be a minefield. So what are the benefits of using small sized boxes for moving?

  • Small packing boxes will never become too heavy to carry when they are full. This makes them versatile and easy to use, as anybody can use them for moving no matter how strong you are. As you can only fit a limited number of objects inside of them, this is the reason they will never become too heavy. Larger boxes on the other hand can often become troublesome to move and will require multiple people to lift them.
  • Small boxes can be transported in cars as well as lorries and vans. This again is another reason why they are so versatile. They can be used for small house moves or moves from University where you want to use your car rather than hire a van or lorry. You could simply put the boxes into your car boot and off you go, with no problems.
  • Small size boxes are very strong, as the cardboard walls are only small, so you can rely on them to be protective enough for the objects you are moving in them. This means you can use them for even the most delicate of objects. 
  • Small boxes are lower cost than larger boxes. This means that you can buy plenty of them for moving without costing you much. This is especially useful for moving where you need a lot of boxes for the job and the cost of moving is so expensive anyway that you certainly don’t want to be adding much to the cost when it comes to buying packaging materials.
  • Small boxes are perfect for stacking in a removal lorry, as you can fill each and every gap with a box. This ensures you can fit the maximum amount into each load, which saves you trips back and forth. When it comes to stacking a lorry the aim is to maximise each and every bit of space and small boxes will certainly help you to achieve this. 

What are the disadvantages of small cardboard boxes?

  • Not all of your household objects are going to fit into small size boxes. You will therefore need a selection of larger boxes to go alongside the smaller boxes to effectively move all of your things.
  • As you can fit fewer objects into smaller boxes, it can take longer to pack and unpack your things. So although they might be easier to carry and move, they will take longer to pack up in the first place. You can ensure that it goes as quickly as possible by using a tape dispenser gun which speeds up the taping process of each box.
  • It will take longer to carry ten small boxes from your house to the removal lorry than it would to carry five large boxes. So it really does depend on your ability to carry the boxes when full, and the weight of the objects inside. 
  • Small boxes might not have enough space to include protective packaging as well as your objects inside of them, for example bubble wrap or packing tissue paper. It is important to use bubble wrap and tissue to ensure that your things are safe from harm during transit, so make sure the boxes are always big enough to have some room for that too.
  • Small packing boxes online have less room to write on the outside of them. The important reason why you should write on them with a marker pen is because it will help you to organise your move effectively, and you can say which box contains fragile items so the carrier knows to take care of that box. If you use boxes that are too small, this might not be as clear, which can cause problems. 
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