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How to Make Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes for Efficient Moving

How to Make Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes for Efficient Moving

Cardboard boxes are increasingly difficult to find as there are very few retailers that sell boxes. The ones that do are often overpriced and have a tiny range, which is far from ideal when it comes to house moving and storage. Going back twenty years, you used to be able to pick up second hand boxes in a local supermarket or shop, but unfortunately those days are over. Supermarkets re use their boxes and recycle more now, so they do not give them away for free.

So what is the best way to get storage boxes next day delivery?

  • Always buy boxes online from a specialist packaging retailer. There are many reasons why this is always the best option; firstly you will get a large range of packaging and different types and sizes of box so that you can find exactly what you need for moving. If you approach a local packaging company they will often only sell to businesses and in large quantities which isn’t great for moving, but online packaging retailers are more flexible and you can find specialist house moving packaging companies online.
  • When you buy online you can get next day delivery. This ensures that you get the packaging that you need quickly and efficiently, without having to leave the comfort of your home. This also takes the effort away from buying boxes; if you were to pick up lots of boxes from a shop and try to transport them home, you would need a large van to be able to do so.
  • When you buy online you always get the lowest prices. You can compare prices amongst retailers, and generally speaking because the overheads are lower for an online seller, they are able to offer better prices than a normal physical shop.
  • If you are moving home, there are probably a million things that you need to work out and organise. It can be very stressful to say the least. If you therefore pick up boxes online, it is a quick and easy process and you could have ordered your boxes within ten minutes flat, which means you can move onto the next task without having to leave your desk.

Can you make heavy duty cardboard boxes?

  • Generally speaking you are always better buying ready made next day delivery cardboard boxes than trying to make them yourself, especially if you are moving house. It would take a very long time to make boxes yourself.
  • When you buy boxes readymade, they will arrive flat packed and so you only have to fold in the flaps at either end of the box and tape them shut securely. When you are moving house, it is a good idea to tape up batches of ten boxes at a time, so that you have them there ready to fill with your belongings as you pack. Always remember to write on the boxes with a permanent marker pen to say what is inside of the boxes and which room of the house that they belong in.
  • If you were trying to manufacture large heavy duty moving boxes of your own, you would first need a large cardboard sheet. You can buy these in bulk from a packaging manufacturer or wholesaler, otherwise they are very difficult to find. You would then need to measure out the size of the box you are trying to create. Draw on the cardboard sheet with a square to show one side of the box. Next you need to take into the consideration of flaps that will be at either end of the box, and that the box has four sides to it. Once you have done all the exact calculations and have drawn out the shape of all four sides including the flaps at either end, you can cut out the shape.
  • To put the box together, you’ll need to secure it on one edge with stapes and glue. Your box will then be complete and ready to tape together and use.


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