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How To Move A Large House Stress Free

How To Move A Large House Stress Free

The average person moves house once every seven years, so it is common that most people who are moving are not familiar with all the processes they need to do. This can make moving extremely stressful, as there are lots of things to organise and think about (and worry about). With a few simple steps you can avoid the stress of moving, to an extent, and make the house move go smoothly.

Large House Moving boxes

Moving a Large House Stress-Free

  1. Planning, planning and more planning. The more organised you are, the easier the move will be. Plan everything in advance and leave nothing to chance.
  2. The first stages of moving involve filling out solicitors documents, which can seem never ending. Take your time with these, slowly work through them, answering any questions and asking any questions that you may have, because the detail is important.
  3. When you have finally been given a completion date, this is where you can start planning the actual move.
  4. Firstly, if your budget allows, always hire a professional removal company to help you to move large house moving boxes. Do not hire a rogue van and man service, as they can often be unreliable. Hire a professional and reputable company in your area and book them in as soon as you’ve been given the completion date, to ensure you are able to get the booking. They get booked up very fast. If you do not have the budget for this, and are planning to move yourself, then make sure you hire a van over the completion date, and ask friends and family to help you to move to ensure everything is organised.
  5. Order house moving boxes UK, bubble wrap and strong tape as soon as you can and get it delivered quickly, so you have all the equipment that you need ready. Don’t leave this until the last minute as you cannot move without them.
  6. Before the completion date, during the two weeks prior, pre pack up your household belongings into large boxes moving, do not leave this until the completion date. On the moving day, you want to be transporting the boxes only, not packing, as this can take a long time to do. Spend the prior two weeks slowly packing up everything in your home into boxes.
  7. Make a packing checklist, so you know exactly what you have packed and what you still need to pack. This way nothing will be left behind and you can check on things to know that you have packed them. There’s nothing worse than wondering if you’ve packed something or not.
  8. Always write on the outside of large moving boxes with a marker pen, to say what is inside of each box and which room of the house that each box belongs. This will help to keep everything organised and will make unpacking very quick and easy too. You could even write which boxes contain fragile items to ensure that nothing gets damaged.
  9. Always use the strongest of packing tapes to ensure that the boxes are held shut correctly and securely, which will help to prevent damage. Also, make sure you protect delicate items with bubble wrap too, don’t leave it to chance.
  10. Then it comes to the completion date, make sure you start bright and early. You will have an exact time of the day that you have to be out of your current home, and that is usually around mid day. So you really need to start moving at 6 or 7am.


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