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How To Move House Quickly

How To Move House Quickly

Sometimes you may need to move house fast, and there are many reasons why this might be the case. Perhaps you have been given a completion date that is much sooner than expected, as the seller of the house you’re buying specifically wants to do it very soon. Perhaps you have only hired the removal company for half a day and so you want to ensure the move goes as quickly as possible to save you money. Perhaps you simply want to move as quickly as possible to save yourself time and effort and get the job over with. Either way, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make your move go quickly.

move house quickly

How to move house quickly

Forward planning is a must. Organise yourself and your things prior to the moving date and this is the number one thing that will ensure your move goes much quicker and more efficiently. Pre pack your household belongings into house moving boxes the week before you move, so that on the removal day all you have to do is actually transport the boxes rather than pack them. Packing boxes is the most time consuming part of moving house, so if you take that out of the equation, it will make your moving day go much faster.

  • Hire the removal company, or van / lorry far in advance of the removal date too and agree on an exact time that they should arrive to do the job. Make this as early as possible so you give yourself as much time as possible to move. 

  • Pack your belongings into large house removal packing boxes if possible, as this will save you trips back and forth when packing the removal lorry. Beware that large boxes can become heavy to carry however, so don’t put too many heavy objects into each box, make sure you use a variety of lighter and heavy objects in the boxes.

  • Use the largest removal lorry that you can, so you can fit more boxes into each load. This will save you trips back and forth to the new house, and if you use a lorry that is large enough, you may be able to complete everything in one go; this is the desired outcome.

  • Always use strong packing tape when securing your cardboard boxes shut. This will prevent any from breaking apart while you move, because this can slow you down a lot during a house move. Avoid any unnecessary hiccups and prepare everything carefully in advance. Use protection covers for furniture and the strongest tape you can find.

  • If you have a car, you could help the removal company by moving some smaller objects in your own car while they pack the lorry. This will again help to speed things up. You could even move some small objects in the days before the big move.

  • Park the removal lorry as close to the front door as possible, so that when you are packing the large boxes for moving house into the lorry, you won’t have far to walk. It might sound obvious but many people make that mistake.

  • Use a sack truck to help transport boxes and large furniture out of your home and to the lorry. It will enable you to transport lots of boxes at once and will certainly make things easier if not faster. 

  • If you can, hire a lorry with a tail lift. This will enable you to put large furniture onto the tail lift and let the lift do the work so you don’t have to. This again will make things easier and faster overall.

  • Always write on the outside of cardboard moving boxes online to say what is inside of them and which room of the house the objects belong. This will make unpacking in your new home much faster and easier.
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