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How to Pack a Cardboard Box in a Rush

How to Pack a Cardboard Box in a Rush

Cardboard boxes have many great uses, including house moving, storage, and shipping. They are used by businesses as well as the public throughout the UK and are surprisingly hard to get hold of. Many people chose to buy moving house boxes online in 2023 because they were lower in price, and you could find specialist packaging companies that offered exactly what you wanted. 

There are many reasons why you might be using boxes in a rush;

  • If you are moving house, perhaps you have been given the removal date at the last minute and so you have very limited time to pack up your belongings and evacuate the house.

  • If you are moving house maybe you didn’t think about ordering the boxes until the last minute, because of all the other things that you have had to organise recently, so the boxes have only just arrived and you need to move tomorrow!

  • If you are shipping your products to customers and you ran out of boxes at the last minute and had to get some more, so now you are in a position where you need to pack up your things as fast as possible to progress.

  • Maybe you just hate packing and want that whole process to go as fast as possible so you don’t waste your time on a meaningless task.

How to pack a cardboard box?

  • Firstly you’ll need the right equipment to help you to pack fast. Cardboard house removal boxes will arrive flat packed, so you need to fold in four flaps at either end of the box and secure them shut with strong tape when you have filled the boxes. When it comes to putting on the tape to secure the boxes shut, you should buy a tape dispenser gun. This is a hand held device that makes securing tape much quicker and easier and saves you a lot of time because it means you don’t have to keep cutting off pieces of tape.

  • You should put together all of the boxes first, rather than doing it one at a time. Fold the flaps at one end of the box, on every box, and then fill them with your belongings before closing them all shut. If you do them all at once rather than one box at a time it is much quicker, because doing the same repetitive task will make things easier.

  • If you are filling the box with lots of objects, put the largest objects into the box first, followed by smaller objects in and around the larger one. This way you will be able to fit more into the box and this will make packing quicker overall and will secure the objects into the box better as well because they won’t be able to move around within the box.

  • Many people choose to use bubble wrap to protect the objects they are packing into a box. This should be the case if the objects are delicate, otherwise it doesn’t matter as much for less delicate items if you are in a rush. If you need to wrap things in bubble wrap; lay out a large sheet of bubble wrap firstly, then wrap up each individual object one by one with two layers of bubble wrap. Just roll up the objects using the sheet as this is the quickest method.

  • Get help from friends or family. Packing boxes for moving house is not an easy task when you have an entire house to pack up, so getting help from others will certainly help to speed up the process. You can work on one room each, or all work together to pack up one room at a time.

  • Although you might be packing up your things fast, make sure you organise everything at the same time. Always write on the outside of each box to say what you have put inside of that box, so that unpacking is quick and easy and organised. It will also enable you to ensure that the most delicate items are protected while you move because you can write which items are fragile and so which boxes you need to lift carefully.

  • Make sure you take care of the objects you are putting into a box even though you are packing fast. Don’t just throw objects into a box because the damage will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Place objects carefully.

  • Once you have filled up a number of boxes, stack them up in the corner of the room or take them out to the removal lorry. This way they will be out of your way and this will enable you to pack the rest of your house faster and easier.

Can you pack and move house on the same day?

  • Perhaps you are in a position when you need to pack up your belongings and move on the same day because you have been given a completion date at the very last minute.

  • It is possible to do this, but it is going to be very hard. You will need lots of help from friends and family members to achieve this; you will need one group packing and one group putting those boxes into the removal lorry at the same time.

  • Packing up large moving boxes will take at least six hours to do for an average sized house; do not underestimate the amount of things you have in your home.

  • If you have to do this, make sure you set the time of completion to late in the afternoon; 4pm or 5pm, to allow extra time for you to pack and move.

If there is any way possible that you can avoid packing and moving on the same day then you should certainly do this, because it won’t be a pleasant experience!
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