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How To Pack Household Items For Moving

How To Pack Household Items For Moving

Packing up all of your household possessions can seem like a daunting task, when you think of every single item from your home, garage and garden. Some houses are extremely cluttered with lots stored in the attic too, so it can be a real operation to pack and move house with cardboard boxes for moving. Here we have compiled some top tips for packing up your possessions when moving house.

Tips for Efficiently Packing Household Items for a Move

  • Firstly, you will need to order the packaging materials needed. This will include a variety of different sized cardboard boxes, along with strong packing tape for securing the boxes shut and some bubble wrap to protect your delicate items. You may also need some packing tissue paper for china and glass, plus a few wardrobe boxes to move clothing. A marker pen is also needed to write on the boxes to say what is inside of them.

  • Always order packaging online, as you will find the largest range of cardboard packing boxes specifically designed for house moving, at the best prices, delivered to your door quickly. 

  • It is a good idea to start packing two weeks before the completion / removal date. This will mean that when the moving day comes, you can focus on transporting the boxes to your new home instead of having to pack as well.

  • Start packing the items that are not necessary for your day to day life. This is obvious; you wouldn’t want to pack your toothbrush for example, two weeks before you move, knowing that you’ll have to use it twice a day. So start with the things that you don’t use, such as pictures, mirrors, rugs etc. 

  • Pack your items methodically, room by room into cardboard packing boxes for moving house. Don’t mix up items from different rooms into the same boxes, because it will make unpacking much more difficult and time consuming in your new home. Always write on the boxes to say which room of the house that the box belongs, and maybe write which items are in the box and which boxes contain fragile items so you know to look after that box with care.

  • Always be wary of the weight of the boxes. Don’t allow a box to become too heavy to carry, as it will make your house move very difficult. For example, don’t put too many plates from the kitchen into one box, split them up along with other kitchen items. 

  • When it comes to packing fragile items, such as mirrors and pictures, always use bubble wrap. Just a couple of layers of bubble wrap will make a huge difference and will ensure that everything is safe during transit. It only takes a second to do and bubble wrap is cheap to buy, so don’t be shy and use a lot of it.

  • If you are packing up a box and you find there is a gap somewhere, fill that with bubble wrap. It will stop the objects from moving around inside of the box which will prevent breakage, and it will further protect from damage too.

  • When it comes to packing china plates and glasses from the kitchen, along with ornaments and anything else that is highly fragile, it is good to use packing tissue paper to wrap around them before bubble wrap. This will protect them from small scratches and will really help to soften the outsides of those objects. This could be the difference between them breaking or not during transit. Again tissue is cheap to buy and only takes a second to use, so we highly recommend this.  You can also stuff tissue into the insides of a cup or mug to give it more strength from within.

  • Always seal up the boxes using the strongest of packing tapes, which are 48mm wide. Use strong adhesive tape as they will be able to hold heavy boxes shut, ensuring that they won’t split open during transit. Again, make sure you use lots of tape as it is well worth the trouble to prevent breakage and is relatively cheap to buy. 

  • After you have finished packing up everything into packing cardboard boxes, check over your entire house. Are you going to bring the curtains? Are you going to bring the blinds? Are you going to bring the lampshades? Are you going to bring the oven or fridge? These are all items that sometimes get left behind but you are within your right to take them. This decision needs to be made at the time of sale while going through the process with the solicitors. 

  • Now you’ll have to stack the boxes on top of one another ready to move. Always ensure you use strong double walled boxes so that they are stackable!
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