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How To Save Money On Cardboard Boxes When Moving

How To Save Money On Cardboard Boxes When Moving

Moving house is difficult for most people with lots to organize and think about. The cost of moving can be astronomical when you consider the stamp duty, removal company, packaging materials, solicitors fees, the new house itself, the mortgage advisor, and all additional costs. So when buying cardboard boxes for moving, you certainly don’t want to spend a fortune. Saving the pennies is essential, and here at Packing Solution, we can offer expert advice on finding the best value boxes for your move; we have many years of experience within the removal business and packaging.

Learn how to save money when buying cardboard boxes for your next move with these expert tips. Avoid buying from high street shops and instead turn to supermarkets or local businesses for free or secondhand boxes. For the best value and convenience, purchase boxes online from a specialist house moving packaging company. Compare prices and buy in bulk to save even more money. Plus, consider reselling your used boxes after the move or offering them to a local business in need. Plan ahead and follow these tips to keep your moving costs down.


Tips to Cut Costs on Cardboard Boxes:

  • Our first tip is to avoid the high street when buying cardboard boxes for packing. Very few shops sell boxes, and the ones tend to be art and craft shops with a minimal selection at a very high price. If you want to save money and for convenience, always avoid buying from a high street shop.

  • For example, supermarkets sometimes give away free secondhand boxes previously used for bananas. Go into the produce department of your local supermarket and ask a manager if they have any available. You probably won’t be able to source enough to cover an entire house move, but you may be able to get a handful of boxes to help save money. They are difficult to come by, as many supermarkets choose to reuse their boxes now. However, if you can get a few this way, it is undoubtedly beneficial.

  • Local businesses may also have some secondhand boxes that you could use for moving house. It will depend on the companies in your area, but have a think and go to visit them and ask. The worst that can happen is they say no.

  • You generally can’t buy boxes from local packaging manufacturers directly. They tend to only deal with other businesses, as they will only sell large boxes in the thousands, which isn’t ideal for moving house. If you are driving a business and need lots of boxes and will have a use for them after moving, then you might be able to take this option.

  • The best place to buy boxes is online from a specialist house moving packaging company. They will offer the broadest range of cardboard boxes online, specifically designed for house shifting, at the best prices and delivered to your door. Each supplier will have discounts for multiple purchases; for example, they might offer an individual box at one price, a pack of five boxes at a cheaper price, and a bag of ten boxes at the most affordable price. So the best way to save money is to calculate how many boxes you think you will need for your house move and then buy packs of ten boxes of each size to save money. If you can purchase a pack of one hundred boxes of one standard-size box for moving, this can save you even more money for a significant house move. Generally speaking, you will need a combination of medium and large-sized boxes for moving house.

  • Always shop around; do not simply buy from one supplier that you find online. Compare prices of different sizes and box types and choose the cheapest option. You can spend one hour doing this and save substantial money when buying cardboard boxes for packing near me.

  • Buy boxes well before your move. You can purchase using the cheapest and slowest delivery method without wasting money on express postage. Plan your move with many weeks to go, and this will save you on postage.

  • When you have finished moving house, you could attempt to re-sell your used boxes on Facebook marketplace or Vinted. You won’t get as much as you paid for them, but it can help to cover some of the cost of the boxes. You may also be able to offer them to a local business that may want some secondhand boxes for a minimal fee.
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