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What happens after bubble wrap is recycled|How do you dispose of bubble wrap|Is bubble wrap recyclable

Is bubble wrap recyclable? How do you dispose of bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a fantastic type of packaging material that will help you protect your items from damage during transit. This can be especially useful during house moving, storage, and shipping. It can be used on delicate items and expensive items that would cost a lot to replace or repair if damaged. Once you have wrapped your items in bubble wrap, you can rely on them to be safe from harm; because the tiny air bubbles will work together to absorb shock from knocks and bumps so that your items do not feel a thing.

What’s next?

Once you have finished using bubble wrap, you may be wondering what you could do with it now. The first option is to re-use the bubble wrap for other purposes; it is multipurpose and can be used for moving, storage and shipping. If you cannot find a use for it, you should ask a friend or family member if they use it. If nobody has any suggestions, then you’ll need to look to dispose of them.

Is bubble wrap recyclable?

  • Some bubble wrap is recyclable now, but others are not. This will ultimately depend on the supplier that you are going to buy from.
  • Here at Packing Solution, the entire bubble wrap that we sell is 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly so that you can recycle it.
  • We also sell paper bubble wrap, which is also recyclable and is made from recycled paper.
  • You can put the bubble wrap in your regular recycling bin for collection at your home, or you can take it to a local recycling centre as well if you have a lot of it. It will classify as recyclable plastic, so that is the bin you need to put it into.
  • Not many people know that most bubble wraps are now recyclable. So many of the rolls are thrown away into landfills, sadly.
  • Bubble wrap has so many great uses, including moving, storage, and shipping, so there should never be a reason to throw it away. It can make excellent insulation in your home too, plus it can be great fun to play with. Children can have hours of fun simply popping bubbles, so who needs television?

How do you dispose of bubble wrap?

  • Suppose the bubble wrap you have purchased is fully recyclable. In that case, you can place it into your normal home recycling bin for recycled plastics. This is fine if you don’t have too much bubble wrap, and they will take it away with your normal home waste.
  • If you have too much bubble wrap, you can take it down to your local recycling centre. These are located all across the country, and all of them will accept recyclable plastics. There will be a special skip or bin for it, and if you are unsure, then ask one of the staff members at the recycling centre for help and assistance.
  • If your bubble wrap is still in excellent condition, but you do not have another use for it, then you can ask your friends or family if they need it. If they do not need it, you could use a free app to offer or sell the bubble wrap to a stranger locally. Apps such as Vinted or Gumtree can help you pass the bubble wrap onto another person locally who uses it. Many people search for bubble wrap near me. These apps are free to use, and you can make a bit of money in doing so. This way, you can be assured that your bubble wrap isn’t going to waste.
  • If you are moving home, you could ask the removal company if they would like to take the bubble wrap onto their next house move. They will always need bubble wrap every day of the year, and if the quality is good enough, then why not.
  • Other local businesses will also use bubble wrap regularly, especially if they are sending products in the post to customers. Just stop into your local businesses and ask them if they would like to use it.
  • As a last resort, you could ask the packaging company that you purchased the bubble wrap from if they would like to have the bubble wrap back. They might be able to repair any damage and re-use the bubble wrap for other purposes or sell it on again. This would avoid wastage too.
  • You could store the bubble wrap in your attic or garage until the future, when you might need it again. There are always going to be times in your life when you need bubble wrap for something or another. It doesn’t take up much room in storage because you can keep it on the roll or fold it up, and it can help protect other things you have in the warehouse from water, dirt, and dust.
  • Local storage companies will also need bubble wrap for their customers who are using their storage units. Almost every town and city in the country will have storage companies to find your local one and see if they would like to accept the bubble wrap you have available.

What happens after bubble wrap is recycled?

  • After heavy-duty bubble wrap has been recycled, it is often used to manufacture another plastic packaging, such as food packaging, or it may be used to produce other bubble wraps. This will depend on the recycling company that it is passed onto and what they do with it next.
  • You can be sure that it will be used for something else, which is the most important thing of all.
  • You can read more about recycling plastics and packaging online by doing a quick search. We hope that you find everything you need here at Packing Solution.
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