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Is It Best To Use Cardboard Boxes With Handle Holes?

Is It Best To Use Cardboard Boxes With Handle Holes?

If you are moving home or office, you will need lots of packing boxes for house moving and packaging to assist you with the move. They enable you to carry your items easier, and they keep your possessions organised too. They also help to protect your possessions from damage also, so there are many great benefits of using boxes when you buy packing boxes online. The actual process of moving those boxes from your home, into the removal lorry, and then unpacking them out of the lorry at the new house too, can be long-winded and hard work. Picking up large and heavy boxes all day long can really take a long time to do. Many people wonder if it is best to use boxes with handle holes or not when moving. Here is what we have found out, from advice given to us by professional removal companies throughout the UK. 

  • Best quality house moving boxes with handle holes have holes which are usually located halfway up the box. The reason for this is because they are designed to make it easier for you to pick up those boxes, as you don't have to bend all the way down to the floor to pick up the box from underneath. This is obviously going to be useful for really tall people, as they have to bend over further to touch the floor.
  • However, lifting a box using holes which are made in the middle of the side of the box is a weak way to carry the box. If the box is heavy and you try to lift it using handle holes, the box sides will simply crumble under the pressure. On the other hand, lifting a heavy box from underneath is the most stable way to hold the box, taking the full force of the weight onto your hands rather than the sides of the box. This ensures that your possessions are safe inside the box and will not get damaged or broken during the move.
  • Holes in the box leave space for potential harm to happen to the things inside. Anything could enter through the holes and damage the contents, such as mud from the floor if you accidentally drop a box on its side. Likewise, the contents from inside the box could fall out through the holes on the sides, leading to potential damage.
  • Usually packing boxes for moving are not that large, as overly large boxes become impossible to carry. Assuming you are using medium-sized boxes for moving rather than larger boxes, the difference between bending over slightly more to lift them from underneath versus using a handle hole in the middle is minimal.
  • Medium house moving boxes with handle holes are typically more expensive to buy than boxes without handle holes, due to the extra work involved in producing the holes. If you are moving home on a tight budget, then you certainly won't want to pay extra for boxes with handle holes.

In conclusion, the choice between using cardboard boxes with handle holes or those without hinges on a few key factors. While handle holes offer ergonomic advantages, they might compromise the box's structural integrity and introduce potential risks to the contents. Balancing your specific needs, budget constraints, and the nature of your items can guide you towards the best choice for your move.
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