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Moving Boxes: How To Choose The Right Size For Your Move

Moving Boxes: How To Choose The Right Size For Your Move

Moving house is a complicated process with plenty of things to organise and prepare. Finding and buying the right packaging materials for your move is a minefield of its own, as there are many questions looming that you will certainly want the answer to. How many best moving boxes UK will you need? What sizes of box do you need? What other packaging materials will you need? Where can you buy them? Here at Packing Solution we are experts with removals and packaging, having many years of experience in both industries. 

Cardboard Box

Choosing the right size of cardboard boxes for moving

  • Medium sized boxes are the most common size of box for moving. They will not become too heavy to carry when full, which means that anyone can help you to move as anyone can carry the boxes. The medium size makes them easy to carry as well, as you can easily wrap your arms around the boxes to transport them and they will easily fit through doorframes of your house and out to the removal lorry. They are easy to stack on top of one another without breaking in a lorry, and the medium size means they will fit into each and every little gap so you can fill the maximum amount into each load. Medium sized boxes are strong as the walls are not as long and wide. Usually medium sized boxes will make up the majority of the bulk moving boxes that you use for moving house.
  • Large and extra large sized boxes will enable you to move the bigger objects in your home that will not fit into medium sized boxes. Things such as cooking equipment, pictures, mirrors, microwaves, and televisions are all great examples of objects that you would typically need larger sized boxes to transport. They will become quite heavy to carry, so only strong people will be able to do so. We recommend using a sack truck to help transport them, or multiple people to lift them. You should put these into the lorry first, with smaller boxes in and around them, as you should always put the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile to prevent breakage.
  • You may need television boxes to transport expensive flat screen televisions. They are expensive to replace if damaged and they are very delicate, so television boxes can certainly help with this. They are wide, thin cardboard moving boxes UK that are designed for that very purpose and will ensure that your television is as safe as possible. They are made with extra thick cardboard for protection purposes of the screen. Bubble wrap will also be needed.
  • You may need wardrobe boxes to help you to transport your clothes from the wardrobe such as suits, dresses and shirts. This prevents damage and prevents you from having to iron them in your new home. Wardrobe boxes are extra large, tall and wide boxes that are very strong, they have a hanging rail at the top for hanging clothes exactly as you would in the wardrobe at home. 
  • Ultimately you will need a variety of different sized and types of box for moving house. Buy moving boxes near me. The majority of the boxes you use will be medium sized, for the everyday household items you are transporting. You will certainly need some larger and extra large sized boxes, followed by specialist boxes too which include television boxes and wardrobe boxes. You will also need protective packaging such as bubble wrap and packing tissue paper, along with strong packing tape to secure boxes shut- always ensure this is strong adhesive tape that is 48mm wide.
  • When it comes to everyday medium sized boxes, we recommend the following dimensions as a rough guide: 18 x 12 x 12 inches. This will enable the box to be the perfect size to be carried and fit the optimum amount of objects inside. The rectangular shape is ideal for house moving, stacking and fitting all different shaped objects inside. 
  • When it comes to large and extra large sized boxes from the best place for moving boxes, we recommend the following dimensions: 24 x 18 x 18 inches. This is the optimum size for a large box to enable you to fit the biggest household objects into them. Any larger than this would be impractical for fitting through doorframes and carrying, but any smaller wouldn’t fit every object inside. 
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