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Moving House Checklist UK: Guide to Medium House Moving Boxes

Moving House Checklist UK: Guide to Medium House Moving Boxes

Moving home can be a stressful time with lots to think about and organise, including finding moving boxes near me. A moving house checklist is vital to ensuring that the move is organised and goes smoothly. Here at Packing Solution we have many years of experience with removals and packaging and can offer top tips and advice so you have the perfect moving house checklist.

Medium House Moving Boxes

Our moving house checklist:

  • Have you been given a completion date by the solicitors firstly? Have you gone through the entire process of all the paperwork and questions and answers and now been given a completion date and time? Push the solicitors to get to this stage, they can drag their feet at the best of times, so keep on their backs until this is done.

  • Have you completed organising your new mortgage, or changing the address on your existing mortgage? You may need to use a mortgage advisor for this, to provide advice and help with applications. If you are re mortgaging, it is always best to shop around.

  • Have you ordered all the packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape that you will need to help you to move? You will need a variety of different sized medium house moving boxes, along with bubble wrap for protection and strong packing tape to hold the boxes shut, as well as a marker pen to write on the boxes to say what is inside and possibly some tissue paper for delicate items too. Always order online and allow yourself plenty of time before you move, so you have lots of time to pack up your things in the weeks before the move.

  • Have you decided if you’re going to use a professional removal company, man and van service, or hire your own van or lorry and use friends and family to help move medium moving boxes? Regardless of what you choose, make sure you book them in as soon as you have the completion date, as removal companies and van hire companies get booked up very quickly, so get in there early to book what you need.

  • Have you organised the change of address with your bank, notifying them of the date you move?

  • Have you organised the change of address with your electric and gas supplier?

  • Have you told the council you are moving medium cardboard packing boxes and registered with your new council in the new house? This is important for council tax to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

  • Have you changed the address on your car registration, tax and insurance?

  • Have you changed the address on any insurance that you may have, such as home insurance or life insurance?

  • Have you changed your address on your television licence?

  • Have you changed address with any other memberships that you might have, such as the gym?

  • Have you told your workplace that you have moved house and provided the new address too? They will need this for tax purposes and your employee registration.

  • You will also need to change the address on your driver’s licence too.

  • Have you organised with your workplace to have some days off prior to and after moving, so you have time to pack and unpack? This is absolutely necessary as it can be a long and difficult journey when moving house, so allow yourself plenty of time to do it.

  • You may need to take apart certain furniture in your home before you move, so that they can fit out of the door and into the removal lorry. The removal company may do this for you, but check in advance. This could include your bed frame for example.

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