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Moving Made Easy: Advice On Packing Boxes For Relocating

Moving Made Easy: Advice On Packing Boxes For Relocating

Moving house is stressful enough, without the thought of buying the right boxes for the job. As most people move house once every seven years, it is probably not a task you are familiar with and most people do not know where they can buy boxes and which types and quantity they are going to need. Here at Packing Solution we have ten years of experience within the removals packaging industry; with experience in removals as well as selling packaging. 


Here’s our advice on packing boxes for relocating

  • Always use strong heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes for moving for your packing solutions. There are lots of reasons for this; firstly strong boxes will be able to hold heavy weights inside of them without breaking during transit, so you can put plenty of your household objects into them, including the heavy ones, knowing that the boxes are up to the job. Secondly, strong boxes will help to protect the contents from damage during transit. You can therefore fill the boxes with all of your delicate possessions knowing that they are going to be safe. Thirdly, strong boxes are great for stacking on top of one another in a removal lorry without breaking under the pressure. This means you can stack lots of boxes and fill up the entire lorry knowing that your household items at the bottom of the pile are going to be safe. Single walled boxes are not sturdy and will not have any of the above mentioned benefits. There is not much of a price difference between single and double walled boxes either, so the benefits are huge but the price difference is minimal.
  • Use a variety of different sized boxes for moving house. The majority of the boxes you will need are going to be medium sized double walled boxes as these are great everyday boxes that can help you move all the normal objects in your home. They are great packaging solutions. They are the perfect size for carrying without becoming too heavy and they can easily fit through normal doorframes and they are very practical boxes. Alongside these boxes you will also need some large boxes too for the purpose of moving the biggest objects in your home. These include cooking equipment for example which may not fit into smaller boxes, or picture frames, mirrors etc. You won’t need as many larger boxes and they can become very heavy when full, but you will certainly need some of them. You will also need wardrobe boxes for moving clothing to your new home; they have a hanging rail so you can hang up any suits, dresses and shirts that you have so that you don’t have to iron them again when you move. You may also need a television box or two, which will help you transport televisions safely.
  • When it comes to quantity of packing materials needed, this can be tough as it depends on the size of your house and how cluttered your house is. As a general rule of thumb we recommend ten medium boxes and five large boxes per room of the house. From this starting point, you can use your knowledge of how cluttered your house is to work out whether you want more or less than this.
  • When we classify medium sized boxes, we would give the measurement 18 x 12 x 12 inches. When we classify large or extra large boxes, we would recommend 24 x 18 x 18 inches. These are standard industry sizes and we recommend using these for moving as the rectangular shape makes them ideal for carrying and fitting most household objects inside.
  • Alongside the boxes you use, you will also need bubble wrap for protection of the contents inside, along with strong packing tape too which will be used to secure the boxes shut. Only the best quality tape will do; we recommend strong adhesive 48mm wide tape of a clear or brown colour.
  • Finally, make sure you write on the outside of each box to say what you have put inside. Use a marker pen and keep things as organised as possible. The reason for this is because there is nothing worse than having moved all these boxes into your new home, with no clue where each box belongs in the house, as you would have to open each and every box before putting it into the right room and then unpacking. Writing on the boxes will make unpacking much easier and quicker and can also prevent breakage during transit as you’ll know which boxes contain the most delicate objects. This is all the advice we have to offer here at Packing Solutions UK and we wish you the best of luck packing and moving.


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