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Moving Made Easy: The Top 5 House Moving Boxes Buying Guide

Moving Made Easy: The Top 5 House Moving Boxes Buying Guide

Moving home can be a stressful time with lots to organise and worry about. When it comes to choosing the right packaging materials, this doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple steps and a bit of calculation, you can get the house moving boxes, bubble wrap and tape that you need quickly so you are ready to start packing before the completion date.

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Here is our top 5 house moving boxes buying guide

  • Firstly, you are definitely going to need some medium double walled boxes. These are the staple of any house move and will form the majority of the boxes you use. The medium size makes them easy to carry when full without becoming too heavy, so anyone can help you to move. They are easy to fit through doorframes without being too large and they are easy to stack in a removal lorry. They are double walled making them strong packing boxes for moving house, so you can put heavy objects into them without breaking and you can put delicate items into them knowing they are going to be safe. You can stack them in the lorry on top of one another knowing they won’t crumble under the weight. 
  • Secondly you will need some extra large double walled boxes. These are large boxes which are needed for the bigger objects in your home that won’t fit into medium sized boxes. Again they are very strong so have all the same benefits as medium sized boxes; they can hold heavy weights, protect the objects inside and are easily stackable. You can fit lots of smaller objects into them as well, saving you trips back and forth. With these boxes you just have to beware of the weight becoming too heavy to carry. You will certainly need some of these boxes for moving alongside medium sized boxes.
  • Large single walled boxes are excellent for moving clothes and less delicate objects such as pillows. They are not as strong as double walled boxes but they represent excellent value for money, so are perfect for less delicate items. They aren’t going to protect the objects inside of them or hold a heavy weight, and they aren’t great for stacking, but are fine for light and less delicate objects.
  • Wardrobe boxes are needed for moving clothes that you keep in the wardrobe. They are very large, tall and wide best packing boxes for moving house that come with a hanging rail, so you can simply hang up your suits, shirts, dresses etc. In the wardrobe box to save you having to fold them up and iron them again in your new home. The wardrobe box will keep them safe as they are very strong boxes, which is important as dresses and suits can be very expensive.
  • Last but not least, you will need television boxes for moving your television. The reason for this is because televisions can be very expensive, so you need to take great care to protect them while moving. A large television box is wide and thin and very strong, so it is the perfect size for televisions and will keep your TV safe from damage. You will also need plenty of bubble wrap to put around the television inside of the box too. Having the right shape box for the object inside is very important as it prevents the item moving around and getting damaged. 

Along with all these cardboard boxes for moving house we also recommend using bubble wrap and packing tissue paper for protection of the delicate items in your home, including pictures, ornaments, china, glasses, bowls and mugs etc. We also recommend using strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut, as if you use poor quality tape the boxes may open during transit and the items inside could fall out and get damaged. 48mm tape is the recommended size and make sure you use adhesive tape.

Make sure you have plenty of boxes for moving; people often underestimate the number of boxes that they are going to need. When you order boxes, they will arrive flat packed, so they don’t take up much room before you need to use them. Always buy boxes online from a specialist house moving packaging company; they will have the largest range at the best prices with next day delivery available. Not many high street shops sell boxes and finding second hand boxes is almost impossible today as most companies re use boxes.

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