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Should You Move House When Pregnant?

Should You Move House When Pregnant?

Many people move house simply because they fancy a change; a change of location, change of country, or maybe a change of house. Many people move house to either upsize as they have a bigger family or downsize to save money, using medium cardboard packing boxes. Whatever the reason may be, when the time is right, the time is right and you need to get on with it. Sometimes unexpected things happen all at the same time and you might find yourself in situations you didn’t expect..

Moving When Pregnant

So should you move house when pregnant?

  • Moving house can be a notoriously stressful time. There are hundreds of things to think about and organise, and lots that can go wrong. Chains can fall through, meaning months of hard work can collapse. Solicitors can take forever to do their job and can often cause more complications than answers. Other buyers and sellers can change their minds at the last minute, causing more complications. Then you’ve got the actual move to organise and complete, along with unpacking medium moving boxes afterwards too, as well as all the time you’ve had off work which you need to catch up on afterwards. 
  • When you are pregnant you should be avoiding stressful situations as much as possible. It is better for both mother and baby. Not only is moving house extremely stressful, but it is actually one of the most stressful experiences out there, and should definitely be avoided if you are pregnant. You not only have the stresses that come with organising moving, but actually living in a new house that you are not familiar with and the change of lifestyle that it brings can be a huge life changer and can be stressful at first. Not what you want when you are pregnant.
  • The move itself can be strenuous on your body. Lifting hundreds of heavy medium size packing boxes full of your household possessions out of the home and into the removal lorry, along with trying to shift large furniture as well. Even if you use a professional removal company to help with the move, you will still need to pack your things into boxes prior to moving yourself which is hard enough. It can take many days to do, long days of manual labour, and if you are not used to this, it can be very tough indeed, let alone if you are pregnant and need to be resting. 
  • When you are pregnant you should be avoiding hard manual tasks that involve a lot of energy. The energy in your body should be going to the new baby and assisting with his or her growth inside of your body. There are huge risks involved in putting your body through unnecessary strain. 
  • Relaxation is certainly the key to a healthy pregnancy, so moving house and lifting cardboard boxes online should certainly be something to avoid. If you absolutely cannot avoid moving when pregnant, the best solution is to ensure that your partner and family take on most of the tasks for you. If you can be allowed to sit back and relax whilst they organise everything and complete the move while you take a trip to the cafe, this is the best outcome. 
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