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|The advantages of using medium sized boxes when moving

The advantages of using medium sized boxes when moving

Moving house can be an extremely complicated and difficult process, with so many things to organise and think about. Actually getting to the completion date is extremely hard, and now you have to worry about the actual move itself. Finding the right removal business to help with the move is one part of the equation, then you need to buy the right packaging materials and boxes to help with the move too.


When it comes to choosing the right packaging medium boxes for moving, this in itself is a minefield. There are so many different types and sizes of boxes, and knowing what quantity you will need is also going to be tough. Actually finding somewhere to buy the boxes is a hard process too, as it is so difficult to pick up free second hand boxes now as most businesses re use their packaging. The best place to buy boxes is online from a specialist packaging supplier, as they have the largest range designed specifically for house moving and will offer the perfect sizes and types of box for that very purpose and will offer them in small enough quantities that make it ideal for moving.

 So what are the advantages of using medium sized boxes when moving?  
  • Medium moving boxes uk are easy to carry when they are full of your possessions. This is because they are medium sized so they can’t hold too large or too many items, which keeps the weight down. They are easy to carry as they are not too large, so your arms can easily fit around them and they will easily fit through doorframes when carrying them out of the house to the removal van.

  • You can easily fit lots of medium sized boxes into a removal van, which is the most efficient way of packing a removal van to ensure you can fit the maximum amount into each load. Larger boxes are not as effective for packing a removal van, as they cannot fit into every little gap.

  • Medium sized boxes are stronger than larger boxes, as the walls are not as big and long and tall, so this makes them perfect for heavy objects and this ensures they won’t break while being moved or being stacked on top of one another. Medium sized boxes are cheaper to buy than larger boxes. This means you can buy lots of them for a fraction of the cost, so it will certainly make your house move that little bit cheaper.

  • Medium houses boxes won’t take up much room in your house when you buy them in advance of your house move. This means you can store them easily without them getting in your way, which ensures you can buy them with plenty of time before your move which will give you plenty of time to pack up your things.

  • The only downside to using medium sized boxes is because you cannot fit everything into them. Large objects from your home will not fit into medium sized boxes. This means they are not practical for moving absolutely everything from your home, but they will certainly cater for most things. You could buy some additional larger boxes, or simply not use boxes for the larger objects and be as careful as you can with them by wrapping them in bubble wrap instead. Every retailer has a different perspective of what size medium actually is. Do not be fooled by companies offering what they call medium sized boxes at an extremely low price, because often these are in fact very small boxes. Make sure you look at the precise sizing measurements of the boxes you are buying, and compare from one retailer to another before you buy.

  • As they are the easiest type of box to carry and move, this makes them the most practical as well. It means that anybody can carry them, which means other family members could help you to move as well without the worry about having to lift heavy objects.

  • Medium removal boxes are the most practical for other purposes too, including storage and shipping, so this means they are easy to re use in the future once you are finished using the boxes for moving. This reduces wastage and is good for everybody.
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