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The Art of Moving: Pro Packing Advice

The Art of Moving: Pro Packing Advice

Moving house can be an extremely stressful experience, with lots of things to organise and worry about. Selling your house in the first place can seem daunting, followed by the long process of finding a new home you love. Once that is done, you have solicitors and hundreds of documents to deal with, as well as mortgage advisors and lenders too. It can seem like a huge relief when you have finally been given a completion date and now all you have to do is think about the actual moving process.

You will need to organise a removal company to assist with your move, if it is a large house with lots of things to move in boxes for moving. Alternatively if you only have a small house to move or flat, then you might be able to do the job on your own by hiring a van and gathering some friends or family to help.

Pro Packing Advice

  • Always pre-pack your household belongings into cardboard boxes moving during the week before the actual removal date; never leave it until the last minute to pack on the same day you are moving. It will cause unnecessary stress and work and in many cases it is not feasible to pack in that amount of time. Always remember that you have to be out of your home at a certain time of that day, legally, because that is the point at which the house is no longer yours.
  • Pack the items that are not daily necessities first, such as picture frames from the walls, mirrors, living room objects and ornaments etc. Leave the things you use on a daily basis until last, such as cooking equipment or bathroom things because you will need those right up until you move, obviously.
  • When you order best cardboard boxes for moving, always buy them online and buy them a couple of weeks in advance of your move, do not leave this until the last minute just in case the delivery is late. Boxes will arrive flat packed, so they don’t take up much room in your house until you need to use them. Just use some strong tape to secure the boxes shut when putting them together. Always buy strong heavy duty double walled packing boxes as they are the strongest so they will protect the objects that you put into them and they are perfect for stacking on top of one another in a removal lorry too. It is a good idea to use bubble wrap for protection as well as packing tissue paper for protecting glasses and china from the kitchen too, as well as strong tape to hold boxes together.
  • When it comes to actually packing, you should make up ten boxes at a time, so they are ready to pack. Stick to one room at a time, carefully placing each object into each box. Once you have filled up a box, it is important to write on the outside of the box with a permanent marker pen to say what is inside of the box and which room of the house that the box belongs in.
  • Always use medium sized packing boxes for moving house where possible and only use larger boxes for bigger objects, the reason being because if you use large boxes for everything they will become too heavy to carry and can be impractical for carrying in and out of the house.
  • When it comes to packing your boxes into the removal van, firstly you should put the largest household objects into the van, such as chest of drawers, cabinets, bed frames etc. As they will take up the most space. You can easily pack smaller boxes around and on top of these, so that you can use up every bit of space available. A sack truck might be a good thing to use while moving the largest furniture from your home as they provide an easy way for you to carry large objects.
  • Always drive carefully and slowly to your new property, as this is when most objects can become broken. If you have to break suddenly, objects can move around in the back of the removal van and this is the problem.

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