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The Benefits of Large Moving Boxes

The Benefits of Large Moving Boxes

Deciding which packing boxes to use for a move can take time, especially if you are not familiar with the process. It can be unclear what types of boxes to purchase, how big they should be, and how many you need. This can be incredibly daunting if you move infrequently. In this article, we will cover the benefits of using large cardboard packing boxes for house moves.


The benefits of large moving boxes

  • Large sized boxes can hold more items inside than smaller boxes. As you can fit more into them, they will therefore save you trips back and forth. This will make your house move go much faster and easier. It will also make the packing process much faster and easier and it requires fewer boxes to be taped together. 

  • Large sized boxes can hold large sized objects as well as smaller objects, so they are versatile boxes that are suitable for any objects in your home. You can use them for any room of the house too without worrying about whether they are suitable for the objects inside. They can be used for kitchen cooking equipment as well as large pictures, mirrors or even clothing.

  • Large cardboard storage boxes with lids are easily stackable in a removal lorry or van. They are not suitable for cars as they may not fit inside. You can fit quite a lot inside a large lorry, so if you have a big house move to complete, large sized boxes can certainly save you time.

  • Large sized boxes have more space inside of them for protective packaging. This means you can use more bubble wrap inside the boxes to protect your household items, especially the most delicate things. This will save breakages and accidents from happening and will secure your objects safely inside during transit. 

  • Large boxes can become quite heavy when full, which has its downside; however the benefit of this is that it can prevent the boxes from moving around as much in the back of a removal lorry while you drive to the new house. In turn, this can prevent damage of your household items. When you are driving, if you have to break suddenly, boxes can sometimes get thrown around in the back of the lorry, but heavy boxes will require a lot more force to make them move around, especially if they are stacked on top of one another.

  • Large cardboard boxes can represent excellent value for money; as although the initial cost of buying the larger size compared with smaller boxes is higher, the actual amount you pay for the space is less. So if you are doing an entire large house move, it is actually cheaper to buy large moving boxes than smaller ones overall. 

  • Large sized boxes are preferred by removal companies than smaller boxes, as it makes their job quicker and easier. They will often request that you only use larger boxes for moving and packing.

  • Large boxes have many different uses; including moving, storage and shipping too. This means that after you have moved house, you can re use those cardboard storage boxes for moving for many other purposes. They are more versatile than smaller boxes for this reason, so they are therefore better for the environment. All cardboard boxes are fully recyclable too, so if you don’t find another use for them, always ensure you recycle them as opposed to throwing them out.
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