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The convenience of next day delivery for your cardboard boxes

The convenience of next day delivery for your cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes have many great uses, including moving house, storage and shipping. Finding the boxes to buy can be a tricky situation, as not many retailers offer cardboard boxes and the ones that do, will often only have a small selection at a higher price. You cannot get second hand boxes from supermarkets any more like you used to, because they reuse them wherever possible now. So ordering online from a packaging specialist is always the best option.

strong cardboard boxes for moving

What are the main reasons you might need cardboard boxes next day delivery?

  • When it comes to moving house or shipping something, you don’t always think about the packaging materials until the last minute. You will have spent a lot of time planning the rest of the move or process and forgotten about buying the boxes needed until at the very end. Next day delivery will ensure that you get the boxes quickly and effortlessly to ensure that you can move or ship successfully.
  • While moving house, sometimes you get given a completion date that is very soon. You always want to take the soonest date for completion as it is likely you will have waited many months for this to come along. This does mean that you need boxes very fast, so that you can begin packing up your belongings. Packing boxes next day delivery will ensure that this is the case and you can get everything organised very soon.
  • When shipping something, you might run a small business and need to ship something to a customer, but you have run out of boxes and bubble wrap. You can simply order online with next day delivery to ensure that you get what you need very quickly and you are able to keep the customer happy with a fast delivery timescale.
  • Perhaps you have simply spent a while looking for boxes and cannot find them in your local area and now you have reached a point where you are desperate for boxes. Simply search online and buy what you need with express delivery and that is your problem solved.
  • Maybe you have run out of boxes as you have used all the ones you originally bought and so you only need another twenty boxes to finish off your house move. In this case, you can order boxes with quick delivery online and this is the easiest way to get the boxes you need.

When you order moving boxes for delivery with Packing Solution online, you will get emailed the tracking information so that you know exactly when your boxes are going to arrive tomorrow. This makes the whole process even easier as you can ensure that you are home to receive the delivery with no problems. We use a reliable courier service and we operate nationwide throughout the UK with a large chain of depots to serve our customers. All orders are wrapped and protected in polythene, to ensure that the boxes arrive in perfect condition. This also protects boxes from water, so the boxes can be left in your safe place if you are not home without becoming damaged if it rains. There are no minimum orders either, so you can order as little or as many boxes as you need.

It is certainly very convenient to be able to sit in the comfort of your own home, go onto your mobile phone after scrolling social media for a few minutes, search for cardboard boxes online or visit and choose the boxes that you need, knowing they will arrive the following day. The entire process takes no more than five minutes and then you can spend the rest of the day preparing what you are going to pack first. You may even have time for some television in between. 


Although next day delivery is very convenient and we highly recommend this service, you should never leave packing until the last minute, especially when moving house. Always pack up your belongings a week or two before the completion date so that you aren’t rushing around at the last minute. 

Use the next day delivery service to get the strong cardboard boxes for moving even quicker so you have even more time to pack up and prepare; don’t use the service because you haven’t prepared and are disorganised and have left everything until the last minute.

Try to ensure that you are in to receive the delivery so that the boxes are received safely. If you know you are not going to be in, make sure to leave delivery notes for a safe place to leave the parcel e.g. with a neighbour, in the shed etc.

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