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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Cardboard Boxes Online Or Offline

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Cardboard Boxes Online Or Offline

Moving house cardboard boxes have many great uses, including house moving, storage and shipping. They are used by both businesses and the public; they are strong, durable, recyclable and represent excellent value for money. Finding where to get cardboard boxes is extremely difficult however, even though they are so widely used and so popular. This is especially the case if you are looking for a small number of boxes for moving as opposed to hundreds and thousands of boxes for business use.


Here is our guide to finding cardboard boxes when looking where to buy cardboard boxes near me:

  • Packing cardboard boxes are almost impossible to buy on the high street. Virtually no shops offer them and the few that do, will offer a very small selection at a high price, which is far from ideal for what you require. We recommend avoiding the high street at all costs. If you did find boxes suitable, by some miracle, you would still need to find a way to transport them back to your home, carrying lots of boxes and fitting them into your car can be a very tricky! 
  • Cardboard boxes are no longer available second hand from a supermarket like they used to be. Once upon a time you could go into a supermarket into the produce department and ask for any old banana boxes, which were perfect for house moving and were very large and strong. Nowadays however, you cannot do this because supermarkets re use boxes and packaging wherever possible to save on costs. This is good for the environment but bad news for house movers.
  • If you are a business looking to buy thousands of removals cardboard boxes at a time, then buying from a local packaging manufacturer directly is the best option. They will offer a wide range at a good price for you. This is not so good for house movers and members of the public however, as you only require a smaller number of boxes at a time and most manufacturers do not cater for this. They are not interested in small orders. 
  • The very best place to buy boxes is online from a specialist house moving boxes company, for example here at Packing Solution. You can find the widest selection of boxes designed specifically for the public for house moving, storage and shipping. The sizes and types of boxes offered will be perfect for that job and they will sell them in small enough quantities that make it practical for you requirements. The prices will be exceptional as well, as online suppliers do not have the overhead costs of a normal retailer. Most online suppliers offer next day delivery too, so you can ensure you get the boxes on time nice and quickly ready for when you need to use them. 
  • When it comes to choosing which boxes you need, most online suppliers offer ‘moving kits’ which include a variety of boxes, bubble wrap and tape and they are based on the number of bedrooms in your home. This gives you a rough guide as to what you are going to need for moving. If you are still unsure, give their customer services a ring and they will be happy to advise you based on their experience with other movers. 
  • When you order boxes online, they will arrive flat packed and covered in polythene sheeting. This will protect the boxes during transit, even if it rains, to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition for you to use. The fact they are flat packed means that they are easy to store until you need to use them and they won’t take up too much room in your house. You can buy them far in advance of your move to ensure that you have them ready. 
  • When you order cardboard boxes for moving online simply doing a Google search is usually enough to give you plenty of options. If you visit Packing Solution directly we have a huge selection available and you are sure to find what you need. Our box options represent the very best for the purpose of house moving, as we have many years of experience within the removals industry as well as the packaging industry as well, so we have grouped together the very best and most popular boxes and packaging for this purpose. We offer many accessories that you may find useful as well, including a range of bubble wrap, tape and other items too. 
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