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Tips for driving a removal lorry, full of boxes and belongings

When moving the contents of your home from one location to another, you may find it necessary to hire a removals lorry to help lighten the load. It is critical to understand how to drive a moving truck safely so that neither you nor your valuable cargo are damaged en route.

Remember to evenly distribute your heaviest cargo, such as sofas and chairs, across all four tyres of your removal truck when packing cardboard boxes. This will ensure that your lorry can keep all four tyres planted and fixed to the ground, as an excess of weight on one side could cause you and your lorry to tip when turning sharp corners.


With your heaviest cargo equally spread, you can then begin adding your cardboard boxes for moving into the lorry, ensuring equal coverage, too many boxes near the front, and you could lose traction on the back tyres; too many boxes far back, and you risk severely impeding the stability of the lorry's back end, causing your back end to step out dangerously into the road when turning, Should you need to add additional weight , adding it to the back of the truck rather than the front will provide more control to the Cover the floor before you begin stacking cardboard boxes for moving house, as stacking these boxes increases their chances of falling while in transit, damaging not only the box that falls, but the boxes that it falls on.


Cardboard boxes for packing should be loaded into the lorry safely and slowly, using your knees rather than your back to lift the boxes, so as to not permanently damage your back, an issue with is commonly seen in house moving, or situations where a lot of items need to be moved quickly. Once all your parcels are in the back of your lorry, ensure that the back door has been secured; most Lorries employ two levers to keep the door shut, ensure these levers are in the down position. Cargo carried in the back of a lorry is sure to move and bump around naturally as the trip gets underway; ensure that heavier boxes are tied down and affixed to the bed of the lorry, as unsecured loads in the back of a lorry can cause trouble with corners, as the cargo will all move to one side, causing your lorry to lose balance and potentially tip over.

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