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Top 5 best house moving boxes buying guide

Top 5 best house moving boxes buying guide

Moving house can be a tricky process, with lots of things to organise and worry about. It can be a very long process from start to finish, with many potential complications along the way. As most house purchases are part of a longer chain, nearly half of them fall through because of somebody else down the line having problems. So when you have finally been given a completion date it can seem like the best thing in the world. You no longer have to fill out forms and documents and chase solicitors who are dragging their feet – Hoorah!

Now you have to organise the actual house move itself, which is a whole other kettle of fish. You need to organise the packaging materials that you will need to help you pack up your things and you will need to decide if you are going to use a removal company or if you want to move yourself. If you move yourself you may need to hire a Luton van and round up some helpful friends to assist. If you are using a removal company, you will need to get it booked in as soon as you can.

When it comes to the packaging you need, you will require boxes for moving, bubble wrap for protection, strong packing tape and probably some wardrobe boxes for clothes and tissue paper for china and glasses.

Here’s our top 5 packing boxes buying guide

  • Always buy extra strong, heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes when moving. They are much stronger than ordinary single walled boxes and so you can fit more items into them because they can hold a heavier weight without breaking. The strength of the boxes means that they will help protect the items you put into them, so you will experience less breakage. The strength of the boxes also means that you can stack boxes on top of one another safely without them crushing one another. This means you can fit more into each load of the removal lorry, which saves you trips back and forth, which in turn saves you time and money. The cost of double walled cardboard boxes is not much more than single walled because they are so much more popular, so they are well worth the trouble.
  • Pick a variety of different sized cardboard boxes moving for your move, don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to sizing. The reason being because of all the different sized objects in your home that will need different spaces to fit inside. Another important factor is your ability to carry the boxes when they are full of your belongings. The larger the box, the more items it can hold, but this makes it very heavy to carry, unless the items are lightweight like clothing. Heavy items are therefore better placed in medium sized boxes, such as books for example. Another factor when it comes to sizing of boxes is that the more you put into each box the quicker your move will become because there will be less time spent packing and unpacking.
  • Always buy the boxes you need as far in advance of your move as possible to allow yourself plenty of time to do the packing. Do not leave everything until the last minute and expect to pack on the day of your move. Flat packed boxes do not take up much room in your home when stored, so you can keep them until you need to use them in a safe location. Packing always takes a lot longer than you might think, so really you want to begin the process a couple of weeks before the removal date, so that on the day of completion, you only have to lift and move the boxes themselves because everything else is packed away.
  • When choosing the quantity of boxes that you are going to need, there are several ways to calculate this. As a general rule of thumb, you will need 10 large boxes per room of your house. So if you are using medium sized boxes you will need double that amount. Some rooms will take less and others more, but on average ten large boxes per room tends to work well. Some packaging suppliers sell moving packs and removal kits, which give you a pre made pack based on the number of bedrooms in your home. It will include boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape to get you started if you’re in a rush.
  • Always buy your best cardboard boxes for moving and packaging from a specialist online supplier like Packing Solution here. We offer some of the most competitive prices, one of the largest and most practical range of boxes for moving house, and we offer next day delivery on all orders because we hold stock of our entire range. We have many years of experience with packaging for moving so we know exactly what sizes and types of box are best and are able to offer both small and large quantities of boxes to match every house move. We have no minimum orders and you don’t need to create an account with us to make a purchase, unlike other packaging companies in the UK.

When you are finished with packing boxes for moving house, you should always try to re use them for another purpose. You could store something in the attic or garage using them, or you could use them for shipping too. You could pass them onto a local business or another house mover locally, or at the very least you should recycle them. You can take them to a local recycling centre, or you can put one or two in your local recycling collection bin. They are 100% recyclable which is what makes them the number one type of box for moving.

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