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Ultimate Guide to Small House Moving Boxes

Ultimate Guide to Small House Moving Boxes

Packing up all of your household belongings while moving house can be a tremendously daunting task, especially when you think of every single item in your entire home that will need to be packed away into small house moving boxes. Sometimes you may only have a very short time frame to complete the packing too, which can further add to the stress. Here are our top tips for packing up your home to move.

Small House Moving Boxes

Moving house packing tips

  • Always buy your packing materials; cardboard small moving boxes, bubble wrap, strong tape etc. A few weeks in advance of your house move date. This will allow you plenty of time to pack up your belongings before the removal date. Do not leave it until the removal day to actually pack up your things, as you won’t have the time. The day is purely to transport the boxes to your new home. If you buy boxes online you can get the lowest prices and select next day delivery to get them quickly. Having them delivered to your home is a good idea because you will likely need a lot of boxes. Always use strong double walled cardboard boxes for moving, as they are the strongest and will hold heavy items inside of them without breaking, plus they will protect the objects that you put into them. They are better for stacking in a removal lorry too.

  • You should pack up your house, room by room methodically. Start with the objects that you will not use on a regular basis, up until your move, for example pictures on the walls. Do not pack up your wash bag which you are going to need to use over the next week until you move, as an example. It is a good idea to make a list of each item that you pack, so you can be sure you have packed that item if you go to check again in the future.

  • Write on the outside of each box you pack up, to say; which items are packed inside, which room of the house the box belongs, and whether that box contains fragile items. This will make unpacking quicker and easier and will ensure that you know to look after fragile items while transporting them.

  • Always use strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut, as this will ensure that no boxes split open during transit, as that is a major cause of breakage while moving house and will cause you a lot of stress during the day. The cost is very similar, so it’s well worth buying strong adhesive tape.

  • Always use bubble wrap for protection of delicates, and packing tissue paper is also a good idea for china and glassware from the kitchen. This will protect from bumps and knocks and will also protect if it rains during transit too.

  • When driving to the new house with all your belongings in the back of a lorry in small moving boxes online, drive slowly and carefully. If you had to break suddenly, the lorry will be very heavy and will take a long time to slow down. The items in the back will fall around and break, which could be a catastrophe.

  • Always secure the stack of boxes in the back of the lorry with some string or rope. This will help to hold them in place during transit and prevent breakage.

  • Always carry small house moving boxes carefully, keeping your knees bent and back straight. This will prevent you from hurting your body and will make the house move much easier.

  • Use a mixture of medium and large sized boxes for moving. The medium sized boxes won’t become too heavy to carry when full, so anyone can move them. The larger boxes will hold more items inside and larger items too, but they can become heavy so only the strongest people can lift them. A mixture is always the best option.

  • Use wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing. They have a hanging rail at the top, so you can simply hang up clothes from your wardrobe without having to fold them into normal sized boxes which would mean ironing them again. They are very large boxes and very strong too.

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