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What cardboard boxes do I need?

What cardboard boxes do I need?

When it comes to moving house, there are lots of different moving supplies that you will need to help you to move successfully. Finding the right place to buy them is one thing, then actually deciding which packaging you need and the quantity that you need is another problem. This will already be an extremely stressful time for most people while moving house, with lots of other things to think and worry about. Cardboard Boxes for Moving

The types of moving supplies that you are likely to need for moving:

  • Cardboard boxes for moving

  • Bubble wrap

  • Strong packing tape

  • Tissue paper

  • Furniture covers

  • Wardrobe boxes

  • Marker pen

So what cardboard boxes do you need?

  • Strong double walled cardboard boxes are the most heavy duty boxes and they are perfect for moving house. They have two layers of cardboard (as the name suggests) which provides extra strength, meaning they can hold heavier weights inside of them without breaking which in turn means they can hold lots of your household possessions and heavy items too. They are going to be strong enough to protect the objects inside from damage too, plus they can be stacked on top of one another in a removal lorry without breaking under the pressure. Always make sure you use double walled boxes when moving.

  • A mixture of medium and large sized cardboard boxes for moving house is going to be needed. Medium sized boxes will be easier to carry while moving, which will speed up the process. They will never become too heavy to carry when full, so anyone can help moving them. However larger boxes will hold bigger objects and a larger number of objects while moving, which will also help to speed up the move. They can become heavy however, so make sure you leave those to the strongest people to carry.

  • Ordinary boxes with four flaps at either end at the best type of cardboard box to use. The reason for this is because they are the most common and therefore they are produced in bulk and you can buy them at lower prices than other types of cardboard box. Boxes with lids or handle holes for example tend to be much more expensive as they are less commonly found.

  • Always make sure you buy boxes that are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable too, as this is the most environmentally friendly option. Always think of sustainability while moving.

  • Ordinary brown coloured boxes are always the best price too, plus you can write on the outside of them easily so you can say what is inside of each box. This will help to make unpacking easier and quicker. For example, this box contains items from the kitchen, or this box contains fragile items. This box contains a kettle and toaster.

  • Rectangular shaped cardboard boxes for packing or square shaped boxes will do just fine. The shape does not matter so much. Both will fit into a removal lorry easily and will be fine to pack and stack.

  • Wardrobe boxes are special boxes that have a hanging rail for your clothes included at the top, and they are very large, tall and wide boxes designed to hold your wardrobe clothes so that you don’t have to fold them up into normal boxes, which saves you having to iron them again after moving. These boxes are a good idea to use alongside normal packing boxes.

  • Television boxes are extra wide thin boxes, designed to move TV’s of all different sizes. These will help to protect TV’s while moving and this is a good idea considering they are expensive and easily broken.

  • Bike boxes are extra large too and are designed to move your push bikes safely. They are very strong and if you use very expensive bikes for cycling, then these boxes could be very useful to you as well. They will prevent scratches and knocks to your bike frame.

  • CD and DVD cardboard boxes for removals are designed for those items too. They will enable you to carry lots of them. You could put these into normal sized boxes though, so this isn’t absolutely necessary.

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