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What size cardboard boxes are best for moving house?

When you have finally been given a completion date for your house move, it can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. There is nothing enjoyable about being part of a chain, and there are so many things that could have gone wrong. Now you have to think about the next stage of your house move; the actual moving process.


You know that you will need to either hire a removal company or hire a van to move yourself, but either way, you will certainly need to buy the best boxes for moving and the right packaging materials to help you pack your things. It is always best to pack your belongings prior to the removal day, so that on the day of the move, you can simply pack the van and get going.

Which types of box are best for moving?

There are several different types of best boxes for moving house that are commonly used for moving; plastic boxes, single walled cardboard boxes, double walled cardboard boxes and wardrobe boxes. Plastic boxes are bad for the environment and very expensive, so the best type to use is cardboard.

Single walled cardboard boxes are lightweight, and double walled boxes are much stronger. Double walled boxes are the ideal type for house moving, because they are strong enough that they can be stacked on top of one another without breaking, and they can hold heavy objects inside of them without breaking. They will also protect the things that you put into them, so they help to prevent breakage.


Wardrobe boxes are very tall and wide, and they have a hanging rail to help you to transport your wardrobe clothes such as suits, shirts and dresses which you don’t want to pack in ordinary boxes. They are brilliant for moving, and highly recommended.


Which sizes of boxes are best for moving house?

There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing which size of moving boxes you need, as there are many different sizes available to choose from.

Firstly, you have to consider the size of the items that you are going to put into the best packing moving boxes. There is no use buying medium sized boxes and trying to fit a large object inside, because it won’t fit. Likewise, there is no point buying extra large boxes and putting a tiny object inside. It is best to calculate the items that you want to put into boxes, although this can be time consuming and difficult.


Secondly, you have to consider the weight of the boxes when they are full. Boxes can become difficult to carry and transport if they become too heavy, and if you fill too large a box, then it will certainly become too heavy for you.


Next, you have to consider how you will fit the boxes through your door frames, and how many you will be able to pack into a removal van.


Finally, you have to consider that larger boxes will save you trips back and forth, and could save you a lot of time, whereas smaller boxes will require many trips and can take a lot of time.


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So which size is best?

In reality, it is best to use a variety of different sized boxes, because there are many different sized items in your home. We recommend using mainly medium sized boxes, because they are the easiest to carry and pack in the removal van, as well as ten or twenty large boxes too.


Definitely add some wardrobe boxes too, because they will make moving your wardrobe clothes much easier and will take care of your most expensive clothes.


Medium sized heavy duty boxes should measure 457 x 305 x 305 mm (length x width x height) and large boxes should measure 610 x 457 x 457 mm.


You should definitely always use double walled boxes which are the strongest and most durable and protective. There isn’t much difference in price between single and double walled cardboard, because double walled boxes are much more popular.


Boxes are always sent flat packed, so they won’t take up much room in your home before you use them. Even the largest of boxes won’t take up much room when they are flat. You can easily put them in your garage or attic until you need to use them.


If you have to pick one size of box for moving, and you are strong enough, then larger boxes are the best because they will make your move quicker and easier as they save you trips back and forth. But this is only the case if you are strong enough to carry them when full, because otherwise you will need more than one person to shift each box.


What should you do with cardboard boxes after you have moved?


Cardboard boxes are fully recyclable, and so if you cannot find another use for them, then make sure you take them to a recycling centre and do not simply throw them out.


They have many great uses, including house moving, storage and shipping. You could keep them for future, or you could store some things in the garage with them.


If you do not have a use for them, then you could pass them onto another household who may be moving soon, or give them to a local business who may find a use for them too.


Cardboard heavy-duty moving boxes can be great fun to play with for children. It is easy to write on cardboard, as it is made from paper, so it is multipurpose.

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