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Where is the best place to buy bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap has many great uses; ranging from house moving, to storage and shipping too. It can be used by businesses as well as the public, and different requirements will need different types of bubble wrap for that purpose. It can be very hard to find, because very few places offer packaging materials, so where exactly is the best place to buy bubble wrap near me and why? To answer this question, you first have to understand that there are different types of bubble wrap, and each type is found in different places. So what are the different types of bubble wrap?
  • The most common type of bubble wrap is made of regular ‘small’ bubbles. When you think of normal bubble wrap, you would think of this type. The bubbles are approximately one centimetre cubed, and they are ideal for protecting everyday items. You can buy small lengths of this type of bubble wrap, from small five metre rolls, all the way up to extra large rolls which are one hundred metres in length.
  • Another type of bubble wrap is ‘large’ bubble wrap. This contains larger bubbles, which are commonly one inch cubed, or even larger in some cases. This type is ideal for protection of larger and heavier items, because the air bubbles provide a bit of extra cushioning because they are that bit larger. Again you can buy many different lengths of this type of bubble wrap, ranging from smaller ten metre rolls, all the way up to one hundred metre lengths.
  • An eco friendly form of bubble wrap that is new to the market in recent years is ‘paper bubble wrap’. As the name suggests, it is entirely made from recycled paper, and is the environmentally friendly option. It is one hundred percent recyclable, and is made from recycled materials. It doesn’t contain air bubbles, but the paper is thick, like cardboard, and is formed so that it has small indents, which provide the cushioning from knocks. Again, you can buy paper bubble wrap in many different lengths and sizes.

Where can you buy each type of bubble wrap?

  • The only type of bubble wrap that you can buy locally in physical shops tends to be ‘small’ bubble wrap, in a small length. You can sometimes buy a five or ten metre length small roll in Proper Job, or Wilkinson, or B and Q. They never offer larger rolls, and the rolls that they offer are usually of a poor quality. This is not recommended.
  • Larger length rolls of small bubble wrap, along with large bubble wrap and paper bubble wrap need to be purchased directly from a packaging specialist company. When looking where to buy bubble wrap, you can usually find packaging distributors locally, but often they will have large minimum orders, so you won’t be able to buy just one roll at a time. The best option is to buy from an online packaging specialist retailer, such as here at Packing Solution. You can buy all different types and lengths of bubble wrap, with no minimum or maximum orders, at the lowest prices, knowing you are getting the best quality available. You can purchase with next day delivery too, so you won’t have to wait long for delivery.
  • If you are moving house, you can sometimes purchase bubble wrap directly from the removal company that you are using, but this is very rare. You will ideally want to wrap up and pack your things prior to the removal date, so it is good to get bubble wrap delivered before the removal date, so buying from the removal company isn’t a good idea.
  • You might get extremely lucky, and have a neighbour or family member who has just moved house and may have some second hand bubble wrap available for you to use. Some of the air bubbles may be popped already, and so the protection level won’t be perfect, but sometimes it is kept in very good condition and this would work well. So it is a good idea to ask around!

Problems associated with buying from a retailer that is not a packaging specialist

  • If you choose to buy a roll of bubble wrap from a general retailer such as Proper Job or B and Q, you should be careful of the quality standard. They usually charge a high price for what you buy, and they certainly offer a lower quality than other packaging specialists. It is always better to buy directly from a packaging company online.
  • A general retailer may not always have stock of the bubble wrap that you want. They usually only stock small rolls that are five or ten metres in length, with small bubbles. They won’t have a big range, and are often out of stock, which could waste your time and effort.
  • If the bubble wrap is unsuitable, they will often not allow you to return the bubble wrap to them for a refund. This is because they are not able to re sell it after you have opened the package. Other packaging specialists will allow an exchange or refund if the roll is unsuitable for you.
  • They might not be based in a location near to you, which could mean travelling a long distance, and if they are based in a city centre location, then parking is another issue that you need to face.
Benefits of buying directly online with a packaging specialist here at Packing Solution
  • You always get the best prices.
  • The quality standard is the best available.
  • We offer next day delivery directly to your doorstep.
  • We offer a huge range for you to choose from, with all different types of bubble wrap and other protective packaging too, such as packing paper, packing tissue, and cling film too.
  • Our friendly customer service is always here to help and make your purchase as easy as possible.

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