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Where To Buy Moving Cardboard Boxes Online In The UK

Packing boxes for moving have many great uses, which include house moving, storage and shipping and they are used by the public as well as businesses too. Deciding which types of box you are going to need, along with the size and quantity is one problem. The next problem is finding where you can buy boxes from.

Twenty years ago you could have gone down to your local supermarket who would have had hundreds of second hand boxes that you could use and they would have given them away for free; but those days are long gone. Most supermarkets re use their packaging and recycle their packaging and will not offer anything away for free now, so this has made boxes much harder to find.

Buying from a packaging manufacturer is also out of the question. The reason being because they will only deal in huge quantities of boxes, which is far from ideal for house moving. They often force you to buy a full pallet load of large cardboard storage boxes at a time, which includes thousands of boxes, which is far more than you need for moving. Ideally you’ll want fifty to one hundred boxes for a large house move, or much less for a smaller move.

There are very few retailers on the high street that sell boxes too. The only ones that do, will offer a very small selection at an unreasonably high cost, which are usually found at home ware stores. They often sell plastic boxes too, but these are only good for storage purposes and should not be used for house moving because of the cost.

So where is the best place to buy moving boxes in the UK?

  • You should ideally buy boxes from an online house moving packaging specialist. They will have a large range of boxes that are specifically designed for house moving, so they will have the exact sizes and types of boxes that you are likely to need and will offer them in the quantity that you would expect for a house move.
  • You will be able to buy small packs of each type of box, which makes them perfect for house movers as you can mix and match to find the perfect moving cardboard boxes uk for your exact move, tailored to your choice.
  • They will also offer a range of other protective packaging such as bubble wrap and tissue paper to assist with the move, as well as strong packing tape and other moving materials to make your packing process that much easier.
  • They will offer next day delivery so that you can get the boxes you need quickly and efficiently which will give you more time to pack up your belongings before the house move, which is especially useful if you have left it to the last minute to pack.
  • It is easier to buy online cardboard boxes from the comfort of your own home, just sit back and relax while the online specialist delivers directly to your doorstep. Tracked delivery is always an option and this gives you peace of mind to ensure that your boxes are going to arrive on time.
  • If you are struggling to work out which large removal boxes you need, just pick up the phone and contact the specialist company as they will be able to offer you advice on which boxes are the best for the size of house move that you have. Often they will have bedroom moving packs which give you an idea of which types and quantities of packaging you are likely to need based on the number of bedrooms in your house, which is especially useful if you haven’t moved before.
  • Here at Packing Solution we have many years of experience in providing the best packaging materials for house movers nationally in the UK. We have experience in house moving and have provided a removals service in the past, so we know exactly which types of packaging are the best for your task at hand. We offer a huge range of packaging materials which are all held in stock and we can deliver with our quick and reliable next day delivery service too. You can also collect from our head office in Glastonbury, Somerset, or we can deliver nationwide too, including Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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