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Where To Find Packing And Moving Boxes Near You

Where To Find Packing And Moving Boxes Near You

Moving house is a stressful time, with plenty to organise and think about. When it comes to working out how much packaging you are going to need as well as which types and where to find them, this can be a minefield. Gone are the days when you could simply pick up some second hand packing boxes for house moving from the supermarket; they now re use all of their boxes to reduce wastage. Very few high street shops sell boxes and the ones that do, will only offer a very small selection at a high price.

Packing and moving

So first of all, which types of packaging are you likely to need?

  • You will require a variety of boxes; large sized and medium sized. All boxes should be made from strong double walled cardboard so that they can hold a heavy weight inside of them, protect the contents inside of them, and be stackable in the back of a van without breaking.
  • You will need bubble wrap for protection of the contents inside of house moving boxes.
  • You will need packing tissue paper for protection of china and glasses and other delicates. 
  • You will need strong packing tape to secure the boxes shut securely. Only the strongest adhesive tape will do.
  • You will need wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing, suits, shirts and dresses.
  • You will need furniture protection covers for mattresses and sofas to ensure they remain clean.

Where can you buy packing and moving boxes?

  • As all of the different types of packaging mentioned on this list are very much specialist items for moving house, it is important that you buy from a moving house packaging specialist.
  • These specialist companies can only be found online. They will offer a huge selection of packaging for moving, at the lowest prices, in quantities that will be useful for you for moving, which are available for next day delivery.
  • The reason you can’t buy these packaging items from a normal packaging distributor locally is because they deal in much larger quantities of packaging which are primarily designed for business use. They will only sell cardboard boxes house moving in the thousands, and offer packs of ten bubble wrap rolls at once, along with huge packs of tape containing hundreds of rolls at a time. This isn’t ideal for house moving as you won’t need anywhere near that quantity of packaging.
  • High street shops do not sell a big enough range of packaging for moving, and in fact you will struggle to find a single shop that offers cardboard boxes. If you do find a shop, they tend to sell a very small quantity at a very high price, which is far from ideal for moving. Then you will have the problem of trying to transport the boxes back to your car and back to your house, which can be tricky if you have a small car as boxes can take up a lot of room. Having them delivered is always the easiest option. 

What are the factors to consider when choosing where to buy boxes?

  • Make sure that you buy environmentally friendly cardboard boxes; check that they are made from recycled paper and that they are fully recyclable before you buy. Do not buy plastic boxes unless it is for storage and you plan to use them for a very long time.
  • Shop around to ensure that you find the best prices. The price per box can vary quite dramatically from one supplier to another, so ensure that you look around to find the best price. 
  • Make sure you buy a variety of different sizes of box to accommodate the different items sizes in your home. Medium size cardboard boxes for house moving are going to make up the bulk of your boxes, because they are easy to carry when full without becoming too heavy. You will also need some large and extra large sized boxes to accommodate the bigger objects in your home as well. 
  • Check the delivery times; always buy from an online supplier based in the United Kingdom or where you are based. Do not buy from Amazon as they often have suppliers based in China or very far away and the delivery times can take a very long time to arrive.
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